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Forever Strong Trailer

I high school there was always one teacher with a good idea that would immediately be stolen by all the others.  I think that a lot of them just figured that the students were too dumb to pick up on the pattern. Because they were.  This led to lot of repetitive stuff. But the worst was being forced to watch the movie Rudy four different times over the course of two weeks.  And guess what?  It got a little old. Looks like MTV has decided to make a movie about Rugby.  And it has Rudy in it! You can see him in the trailer, hidden under a few layers of beer fat and sadness. 

But seriously, FINALLY a movie for all those underrepresented kids out there quietly playing rugby in the back alleys and dusty lots of our country, just looking for a shot at the big times. Which are in Brisbane. Australia.

Best line? "I score. That’s what I DO."


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