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Follow Werner Herzog Into a Cave

Werner Herzog is famous for visually marvelous documentaries, and his Cave of Forgotten Dreams looks to be another fantastic entry in this sub-genre. The movie got pretty good reviews on the festival circuit, and now you can see the trailer.

One possible complaint about this trailer is that the narration of Werner Herzog, owner of one of the best voices in all of movie history and narrator of Cave of Forgotten Dreams is nowhere to be heard in this. You can still hear him talking at the beginning, though. But the absence of his narration is is a real shame, because Herzog’s voice is one of the best parts of past documentaries like Little Dieter Needs to Fly and Lessons of Darkness. So if you’re on the fence about seeing this, remember that the movie will be even better thanks to Herzog’s voice. Oh, and it’s in 3D, if you care about that (MovieLine).

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