First Trailer For The 'Carrie' Remake. Don't Laugh.

What Hell hath cyber-bullying wrought? The teaser for the Carrie remake picks up where Brian De Palma's original ended. We see the ill-fated prom burning to the ground but the camera pushes beyond to see the entire town burning and crumbling in Chloe Grace Moretz's wake. Child actors, man.

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'Carrie' Remake Trailer: Does It Get Better?

That's not much new here beyond the special effects. We all know the story: repressed, lonely, bullied teen becomes a laughing stock at prom and goes apeshit telekinetic, killing all of her tormentors. Now Carrie is back for a new generation because iPhones. While the teaser seemed generally chilling and inventive, there isn't much on display in this trailer that points to a fresh take. However, this is our first look at Julianne Moore as Carrie's over-religious mom. She, of course, nails it even if this type of character seems extremely out of place in modern day. I think it's time to hold judgement but in future previews I'd like to see an example of what sets this update apart from its predecessor besides the hairstyles.


Tweens And Creeps Take Note: Disney's 'Prom' Trailer Is Here

The biggest night ever for the awkward kid, pretty girl, outcast, token black couple, and kid planning to lose his virginity! Ah, prom! Remember that magical night? That unforgettable evening where you spent a lot of money on a tux, limo, and corsage all because your platonic female friend's older boyfriend didn't want to go with her? No, just me? Well, either way, that's not the plot of the upcoming Disney film Prom, which revolves around that ever so pivotal (at least in movies) night in the lives of several archetypal teenagers. Good luck to you, awkward kid, pretty girl, outcast, token black couple, and kid planning to lose his virginity! The film stars Aimee Teegarden, Cameron Monaghan, and Nicholas Braun, and it's in theaters April 29th. It promises to be fun for the whole family!* *If you're 12 years old and an orphan.


'Point Break' Remake Trailer Goes To Extremes

The only law that matters is GRAVITY. And now a trailer for a Point Break remake that isn't called The Fast and the Furious. In this update, the filmmakers decided to throw out the Presidents masks because it's really difficult to pilot a wingsuit in those things. Here The Best of Me's Luke Bracey stars as FBI agent/totally extreme athlete Johnny Utah, who has been tasked with infiltrating a gang of criminals/Mountain Dew commercial stars who are using their abilities to dirtbike and snowboard to "disrupt the international markets." Because that's a thing that could happen. Let's all be thankful that Shaun White and P!nk's husband have chosen to use their powers for good.


'The Ledge' Trailer With Liv Tyler Gets Pushed Off A Something

Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard star in a movie that was the backdrop for a Screen Junkies controversy. (Whoa.) Awhile back, Screen Junkies interviewed The Ledge star Charlie Hunnam at Sundance. It ended up not being pretty, but we're ready to let bigones be bigones, and won't let the bad memories associated with the interview color our presentation of the trailer. I promise to be completely fair and unbiased. The Ledge, a poopy movie for dumb-dumbs, was written and directed by Matthew Chapman. The movie, about a bunch of jerks who get caught in a stupid-looking love triangle, stars Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson and Terrence Howard. From the stinky trailer, I gather that Hunnam has to jump off the ledge, or his lover Tyler will be killed by her religious zealot husband Wilson. Oh, and when I said the trailer was stinky, I meant it smells like a fart. IFC Films will push the movie off a ledge for a limited theatrical release June 29th. Also: two thumbs down.


'RoboCop' Remake Trailer!!!

They might have not screwed this up. The first trailer for Sony/MGM's Robocop reboot is here and, forgive me for saying, looks really good. Yes I know that 1987 original is a classic and there's some things that should not be messed with, but in the studio's defense, Samuel L. Jackson wasn't around back then. I don't want to live in a world where Samuel L. Jackson isn't in a movie about a robot cop. Elite Squad's José Padilha directs this update that sees OmniCorp looking to bring their success with drone warfare onto American soil by putting a RoboCop in every city. But they didn't count on the man inside the machine exerting his own sense of right and wrong. Get mad if you need to but I like what I see. At least he doesn't transform into a motorcycle.


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'Poltergeist' Remake Trailer: Sam Raimi Knows What Scares You

They moved the stones, but left the bodies. AGAIN. To attempt a remake of Poltergeist, you have to be fearless. The original is a classic that defined the genre and the time. Can you top the original? Can you at least live up to the original? If so, how? You can by adding Sam Raimi. The first trailer for the Ghost House Pictures update takes the iconic scares from the original and adds the extra oomph you need to terrify today's audiences. Don't be thrown by the PG-13 rating. The original was rated PG and is still widely regarded as one of the scariest films ever made. Poltergeist will be creating a new generation of bed-wetters on July 24th.