First Clip Of Sean Penn Dressed In A Ridiculous Goth Costume

He probably still gets all the girls. Pictures of Sean Penn's Robert Smith-inspired character from This Must Be The Place have been floating around for a little while, but now we have first video of him dressed ridiculously. In this outtake from the film, we see a music video from Penn's foppish dandy character. It's not actually Penn singing (sounds more like soundtrack collaborator David Byrne) it's still a well done little clip. Except for the really long, shakey take of a truck driving down the road. We get it. You're a truck. Jeeeeez. (via The Playlist)

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Sean Penn Is Like 'The Crow' In 'This Must Be The Place' Trailer

Heeheehee. He's dressed weird. Our first look at Al Pacino as Phil Spector came up short in the silly wig department, but Sean Penn is here to help. Check out Penn as a once-famous new wave goth musician in the first full trailer for This Must Be The Place. In the film, Penn's aging rocker sets out to find the SS officer who tormented his deceased father while he was held at Auschwitz. Wait a minute. Goth on a vengeance mission? Is this The Crow? You laugh but it makes more sense than casting Bradley Cooper.  (Twitch)


In This 'Pound Of Flesh' Clip, JCVD Tracks Down The People Who Stole His Organs

An organ-less Jean-Claude Van Damme taking to the streets is terrifying. Do you like Jean-Claude Van Damme? Nevermind. Just keep reading regardless of how you would have answered this. He's stepping out in a new, slightly less self-aware film called Pound of Flesh, in which the Belgian action star wakes up in the familiar tub full of ice, only to discover his kidney has been jacked. There's a wrinkle to this otherwise run-of-the-mill organ theft story: HIS DYING NIECE NEEDS THAT KIDNEY! They pissed off the wrong aging Belgian action star this time. Maybe he could just go down this route: (THR)


'Take Me Home Tonight' Video Attacks You With Dozens Of References

This video nods to almost every movie made between 1980 and 1989. (Sorry, C.H.U.D.) The gang behind Take Me Home Tonight, the title of which is an 80's reference, decided to up the stakes of the reference game in this video, which manages to nod to damn near every movie made during the decade. What's the purpose of this video? I dunno. It reminds us that Take Me Home Tonight is a movie that's coming out (which serves the producers), and it's enjoyable to watch (which serves the viewer). Win-win. So sit back and watch Topher and the gang just...just live, man. They've already done two trailers, so rather than give too much of the movie away, they just decided to have some fun with the characters. Hard not to get on board with that. Cinema Blend caught references to 32 different movies in this clip/music video, so if you want to see a list much more exhaustive than my paltry 6, click here. Otherwise, let the references wash over you like so much cocaine-laced bathwater. What? Yes. Take Me Home Tonight hits theaters March 4, 2011.


‘Bridesmaids’ Outtakes: Jon Hamm Likes It Kinky

Kristen Wiig, kindly let Mr. Hamm "drive the bus." I thought the gags in Bridesmaids, gross-out and otherwise, were hilarious. However, I lost interest during the (endless) 45 minute Kristen Wiig pity party. "Boo hoo, I won't call the guy I like." Just keep the joke-em-ups coming, please. [post-video postid="213613"] That's why I'm excited to share the video above from Funny or Die, which is a compilation of unused takes from the movie. It's rapid fire improvs/cut lines from Jon Hamm, Melissa McCarthy, plus the eventually underused Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey. I especially lol'd at the Hamm sex bookends, where things get wackier than in the original cut. I like wackier Jon Hamm. The guy has gravitas to spare, so let him make a butt cheeks joke every once in awhile, Mad Men."


This Video Of Washed-Up 1980's Cartoon Characters Is The Best

The 80's were unkind to a lot of people, both real and fictional. But the harsh realities of the "me' decade weren't just felt by live-action people. This short film by Steve Cutts shows that our favorite 80's and 90's cartoon characters were put through the ringer, and they're working far worse for the wear. Should have spent more time at the gym and the therapist's office and a little less time at Studio 54 (or wherever the hell people were going in the 80's.) How many familiar faces can you spot in this video? I'll help you out in the beginning: Mario. Smurfs. Roger Rabbit.


'The Wire' Gets The Musical Treatment It Doesn't Deserve

I demand a ditty entitled "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!" At this point, we'll take whatever Wire-related content we can get. If that happens to be a Funny or Die spoof musical, so be it. The fact that it actually features the character Omar (Michael Kenneth Williams) is just the icing on the cake. A few things readily apparent from this clip: Michael Kenneth Williams has a truly terrible singing voice. Just awful. And he can move his legs around Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance style. After viewing this, we can all agree that The Wire would have finally gotten some critical acclaim if they'd shoehorned a lot more song and dance numbers into it. Just like they do on the streets of Baltimore.


'Gotham High' Is A Tricky Place For A Teenage Girl

I dare you to write a logline for this. It's hard to really tell what this is, but it's interesting enough that you won't turn it off. Yup. That's my glowing endorsement. "It's weird and disjointed enough that it's kind of fascinating." Gotham High offers a teenage girl's inventory of Dark Knight-era Batman actors as the played high school students in other roles. Only sometimes it's not like that at all, like when they have the character Powder from the terrible movie Powder portraying a young Mr. Freeze. And then it just sort of turns into clips from 10 Things I Hate About You. Just watch.