Find Out What It Takes To Work For The Internet In 'Live Public' Trailer

Not required: pants. This preview of Live Public shows what it takes to be an online entrepreneur. In the making for ten years, the upcoming series gives a front row view of the hard work that goes into running a successful web brand from the people who actually do it. Here you'll find testimonials from Mark Zuckerberg and the founders of Twitter, LinkedIn, BuyOSphere, and a guy with a rainbow mohawk. Seems pretty qualified to be an Internet millionaire to me.

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Stephen Colbert Blasts Pitchfork For Accusing His Publicity Stunt Of Being A Publicity Stunt

Even though it totally was. Stephen Colbert was appalled when Daft Punk canceled on him at the last minute in order to fulfill their long-standing obligation of appearing on MTV's Video Music Awards. So appalled that he blasted the Comedy Central sister channel and was able to round up recent guests Jeff Bridges, Hugh Laurie, and Bryan Cranston to join him for an epic lip sync to the French duo's "Get Lucky". All before hiring Thicke at the last minute in what probably wasn't an awkward negotiation at all. Anyway, Pitchfork called shenanigans on this obvious shenanigry. What you see above is Stephen Colbert's response. I say let's not get lost in the details and all agree that we'd like to go to a wedding with Stephen Colbert. His dance moves are hot fire.


'Disconnect' Warns The Internet Will Destroy Us All

If you can see its loading screen, it's already too late. Since we  rolled our eyes and made rude gestures when Fear Dot Com tried to impart its message on us, Hollywood is once again warning that the Internet will murder us all. This time with a decidedly non-supernatural approach. Jason Bateman, who learned nothing from his experience with identity theft, is at it again. Playing with his phone like a dumb jerk while those around him get identity thefted, stalked, and Catfished. It's like Crash but trades the n-word for "nOOb," the other n-word. Though I can't imagine the pain associated with losing a loved one or my livelihood to the cruelty of the internet, Disconnect seems a bit overdramatic and forced. Or fake and gay, if you will.


Good To See Bruce Boxleitner Working Again In 'Tron: Uprising' Trailer

Are you curious about what happened on the Grid in the 28 cyber-years between Tron and Tron: Legacy? Thankfully you won't have to wait three decades to find out. Are you curious about what happened on the Grid in the 28 cyber-years between Tron and Tron: Legacy? Thankfully you won't have to wait three decades to find out. You will have to subscribe to Disney XD though. Sorry about that. "Tron: Uprising" covers the years under Clu's dark reign and follows Elijah Wood's Beck, a program who leads the uprising and could just be the new Tron. Or, considering he doesn't appear or receive mention in Tron: Legacy, he could just fail miserably and get carried off by those bee people. Guess you'll have to order Disney XD to find out.


Internet Completely Baffles 1994 Bryant Gumbel

This clip from "The Today Show" in 1994, where Bryant Gumbel doesn't know what crazy things like "internet" and "@" symbol mean, is like watching the beginning of time unfold. To me, last year's internet -- The Double Rainbow Guy, The Trololo Guy, The Evil Clown Rappers Who Hate Magnets -- feels like ancient history. So this clip from "The Today Show" in 1994, where Bryant Gumbel doesn't know what crazy things like "internet" and "@" symbol mean, is like watching the beginning of time unfold. A few highlights: - Katie Couric and bright orange Bryant Gumbel can't agree on how "@" should read. Turns out the well-dressed Oompa Loompa was right. - "What is internet anyway," wonders Gumbel. All you need to know is that it's coming and Hamsters will dance on it soon enough. - "What, do you write to it, like mail?" Oh, Mr. Gumbel... of course you write to it. The internet is powered entirely by human letters. - "Computer billboard..." (?) I remember information super highway, global eVillage and magical data supermarket, but not computer billboard. The internet would be way cooler if it was one giant poster for True Lies.


Live A Day Behind-The-Scenes Of 'Game Of Thrones'

Turns out, they don't use real dragons. If you've ever been curious what a day of work looks like on the Game of Thrones set, HBO has just put their new special, Game of Thrones Season 5: A Day in the Life, on the show's YouTube page. Just one day of production spans Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Spain, as we visit Dorne, Mereen, and the North. Minor spoilers, of course, but a pretty cool look into what it takes to make television's most epic show. Meanwhile, I imagine a day of work for George R. R. Martin looks like this: Ah, so very similar to movie-blogging.


Disneyland’s ‘Star Tours 3D’ Opens Today: Time To Ditch Work

The ride has 52 different simulations, and many of them are not prequels-based. Admiral Ackbar's status in the Star Wars universe has risen from cult character to corporate spokesman. Witness the above promo for the newly revamped Star Tours 3D ride at Disneyland, opening today. The fishy-looking admiral is the star of the spot, with Darth Vader as kind of his sidekick. Darth Vader: Admiral Ackbar's Sidekick. I'm trying to comprehend the crazy awesome ridiculousness of that, but I don't think I have enough midichlorians. The new prequel to the original Star Tours has 52 different simulations, and many of them are not prequels-based. In the second video, you see some of the possible outcomes, like ending up face-to-ship with Vader. That opportunity is worth a little motion sickness, methinks. Of course, if I waited for 2 hours to ride it and ended up in Naboo, I'd be pretty pissed. This ride takes place between Episode III and IV, with C3p0 taking over piloting duties for the Paul Reubens voiced REX, but don't fear Disney nerds. You can visit with the bumbling bot in "Droid Customs" before the ride, getting used to his programming for the first time, I assume. (io9)


Conan O'Brien Performs 'The Simpsons' Monorail Song Live At Hollywood Bowl

Why? Because life is nice sometimes. Adding more support to the argument that The Simpsons is enjoying a late-life resurgence, the series just completed a three-day run at The Hollywood Bowl, showcasing all its best musical numbers with an all-star cast of Simpsons voice talent and creators. And what would that showcase be without "The Monorail Song?" Not much. And what would "The Monorail Song" be without writer Conan O'Brien? Not much, either. The song was originally performed by Phil Hartman, who was murdered 16 years ago, so Conan took it upon himself to perform the song that he wrote. There's also some fun banter about how the song has been the bane of Conan's public existence. I could go into further detail, but just watch the awesome video.


Ghosts Find Another Attractive Family To Harass In 'Insidious: Chapter 3'

Dermot Mulroney subs in as "Guy Wandering Around In the Dark." With Patrick Wilson successfully ghost busted, the producers of Insidious: Chapter 3 had to find another handsome guy who would work for little money. Naturally, they rested on Dermot Mulroney because he's really good at that. In this prequel to the micro-budget horror hits, he plays the father of a teenaged girl who ghosts decide to harass. I'm not certain how the third chapter of a story could technically be a prequel, especially when half of the second chapter took place in the 1980's and this one is clearly set in the age of T-Mobile Sidekicks. Also, I'm not certain that ghosts can pull your consciousness into their spooky limbo world either so let's just going into this willing to accept anything.