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‘FDR: American Badass’ Trailer

Franklin Delano Bluth Roosevelt by day, crimefighter extraordinaire FDR by night, this little-seen YouTube video demonstrates that audiences and screenwriters alike only turn to comic books because they failed American History in high school.

FDR: American Badass demonstrates that a wheelchair is only a hinderance if it’s not totally souped-up with rockets and turbo and things like that. He’s like the Rocketeer, only unable to walk.

Lest you think this is some tedious, low-budgetproject destined to grow stale on the virtual shelves of YouTube, I ask you, then, what is William Mapother doing playing the doctor here? Oh, I’m sorry, is a supporting character from Lost and In the Bedroom not a big enough star for you? What if I told you he was Tom Cruise‘s cousin? What then?

In case you’re not sold, the video also features Nazi werewolves and Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems.”

Just watch the damn video, please.

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