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Fan-Made Man-Made ‘The Expendables’ Trailer

Man Challenge: Get your ass to the theater the weekend of August 13th to see The Expendables or else Eat, Pray, Love might take the number one spot at the box office. I’m not saying this because Lionsgate bought me the jacuzzi full of Voss that I’m currently working in, I’m saying it because if a movie specifically tailored for guys like us fails to bring in the dough, our future will be grim. So, so grim. In fact, make so much noise through your enthusiasm for The Expendables that the females in the Eat, Pray, Love theater next door turn to either side and disgustedly utter the word, "Men…" You’re goddamned right "men."

Check out the Call to Arms Expendables trailer after the jump.


Fan-Made Man-Made Expendables Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos


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