Extra! Extra! 'Page One' Trailer Now Online!

An inside look at the world's most prestigious newspaper feels a bit like a middle school field trip. Page One: Inside the New York Times delivers exactly what it promises: a look inside The New York Times. The operations of the world's most iconic newspaper may make for an interesting story, but if the trailer is any indication, perhaps not the most interesting movie. The trailer introduces a cast of characters in typical "Real World" fashion. The upstart, the salty veteran, etc, but its difficult to tell what the central theme of the film is. Is it the death of print journalism? Is it Wikileaks? Or is it a combination of these things? Judging by the two-and-a-half minute clip, it looks like this film might be more informative than entertaining, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless you're trying to make as much money as possible, which I'm sure Mark Cuban and Magnolia Pictures are.