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EW’s Ten Best Unproduced Scripts in Hollywood?

EW’s list of supposed hot scripts dropped yesterday. Number 9 is I’m With Cancer, written by Will Reiser. Will is a friend, so I’ve read the script numerous times, and I can confidently say that EW’s description of the project as "The 40 Year Old Virgin with Chemo is total bullshit." It’s WAY better than that. Even though Seth Rogen is attached to play one of the main character, this is not a Judd Apatow dick joke bonanza.

Instead, I’m With Cancer It’s a nuanced comedy about the absurdity that surrounds illness. It’s very much about facing death, and the way one particular young person deals with it. I’ve sworn not to write anything specific about the script, but I can say that it’s not what people expect. We’ll have an excusive interview with Reiser in the coming months.

So here’s my point. I’m with Cancer does deserve to be on this list, but based on EW’s description, I’m calling into question the descrptions of the rest.

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