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Everybody Wants To Bone Keira Knightley And Sam Worthington In New ‘Last Night’ Trailer

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Sam Worthington has already proved that he can act opposite giant scorpions as well as giant robotic scorpions. What this second trailer proves is that he can act opposite other actors as well. Look at him looking at Eva Mendes‘ butt. I really believe that he’s looking at that thing. He TOOK me there.

The second trailer for Last Night introduces us again to Worthington and his wifey played by Keira Knightley as they are confronted by extra-marital temptation on the same night. Worthington, by Eva Mendes. Knightley, by some weird, sophisticated guy that only girls like Keira Knightley would be into. I hope they don’t cheat on one another and get a divorce. They’re offspring is our only hope for seeing a Pirates Of The Caribbean Part 27.

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