'Entourage' Season 8 Trailer: Sobriety, Responsibility, And The Diceman

The gang is back. And they seem to have slightly more problems than normal. Entourage started off as a pleasant enough show. A nice little digestif after the gravitas of The Sopranos. Well, in the trailer for the shows final season, the gang seems to be burdened with a lot of problems that preclude our enjoyment of those fun-loving, club-hopping moppets that we were first drawn to. Ari is proven fallible through his separation, Vince is sober (yuck), Eric seems to have gotten his engagement ring sent back to him, Turtle wants to do things "on his own," and Drama is working on a cartoon with Andrew Dice Clay. None of that stuff sounds fun. I mean, there are plenty of chicks in bikinis bombing around, but this last season will demonstrate how grown up these guys are, which is something that no one was clamoring to see. Let's hope there are lots of storylines involving Bob Saget and weed that aren't reflected in the trailer.