Enjoy This Video Of A Trainwreck Of A New Year's Eve Countdown

Macy Gray? A trainwreck? Nahhhhhh. This compilation of the best six months of the worst NYE countdown ever (hosted by Jamie Kennedy) includes a drunk Macy Gray, Shannon Elizabeth, swearing, and because, it's all live and they couldn't do much to stop it gracefully, a fight breaks out. If you weren't celebrating with friends, this would have been the only acceptable countdown to watch on TV.

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MSNBC Pulls The Smug Plug On Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown'

Now it'll be easier than ever to ignore the pompous commentator's rant videos, because his show has been officially cancelled. When your ultra-liberal friends sent you clips of Keith Olbermann's latest 42 minute rant on YouTube, you maybe watched for 30 seconds and quickly clicked on a video of two dogs who fight each other when Fight Club is on. Well, now it'll be easier than ever to ignore the pompous commentator, because his show has been officially cancelled. Tonight marked the abrupt end of Keith Olbermann's show Countdown, which put the network on the map for cable news channels -- a map which currently is dominated by the Fox News country Horriblerica. We don't have an official reason for Olbermann's sudden departure. Some have speculated it has to do with the campaign donations scandal from 2 months ago, which got him suspended for two shows. I think I'll go along and speculate with them. All Olbermann had to say about the matter in the above goodbye was that "this was going to be the last edition" of his show. So, given their track record for picking up embattled political show hosts, who wants to bet that Fox News at least makes him an offer? (CNN)


Enjoy The Awkwardness With This Compilation Of Letterman's Weirdest Guests

Watching him was more fun than watching the guests. Perhaps what made Letterman stand out amongst the sea of other talk show hosts was that he didn't suffer fools gladly. If someone was being weird or difficult, David Letterman would push and poke at them, rather than serve as their doormat. Sometimes it was too much for viewers to bear so close to bedtime, but sometimes it just made for captivating television. We knew that if anyone was going to serve as a stand-in for the viewer to push back against indulgent celebrities, it would be Dave. So here's a montage of his weirdest guests. As fun as the guests are to watch and mock, it's just as fun to watch David Letterman push back with that "What in the hell...?" look on his face. Here it is: (A.V. Club)


Enough Killer Children To Swear You Off Of Parenthood Forever

Cold blooded murder has never been so adorable. To coincide with the release of Joe Wright's little-blonde-girl-assassin movie Hanna (in theaters now), Vulture put together a montage of disturbing child murderers! It's actually kind of hypnotic to watch, strangely enough. You'd think it'd make ovaries shrivel up and sperm start swimming the other way, but I don't know, it's kind of making me want to raise a little rugrat of my own. A little ball of joy to coddle and teach to ride a bike, and how to hold an icepick. It's all in the angle, you see. You raise that thing high enough above your head, and you've got a deadl weapon! Any lower and you're just going to maim. This heartwarming montage contains clips from Children Of The Corn all the way to Orphan. And if you're going to complain that Orphan isn't a good example, you're even more of a nerd than me, AND you just helped spoil the ending of a terrible movie. (Vulture)


Robert De Niro And John Cusack Accept Bags Of Cash To Appear In 'Bag Man'

It's the only explanation. After years of doing anything for a paycheck, it's a bit surprising it took this long for Robert De Niro and John Cusack to cross paths. It's like De Niro wasn't even offered Hot Tub Time Machine. Despite De Niro's hairdo, The Bag Man is not a comedy. Yet a thriller that sends John Cusack to a seedy motel to hang out with that actress who will most likely get naked. They don't come right out and say that in the trailer, but it's heavily implied. This trailer shows so much of her skin, you'd think the wardrobe van was stolen.


Celebrities Of Varying Degrees Of Tolerability 'Surprise' Jimmy Fallon During HIs First Show

I put surprise in quotes because we're not stupid. Jimmy Fallon made his premiere as the Tonight Show host last night. Unsurprisingly, quite a few stops were pulled out last night. Would I dare say they pulled out "all" the stops? No. I wouldn't. But they did get a bunch of people who are always appearing in all sorts of crap. Namely, Robert De Niro, Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey, and Rudy Giuliani all swung by. It's like what my fantasy dinner party would be like, only the total opposite. To be fair, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, and Seth Rogen also made appearances, but mentioning them above would have torpedoed my little joke. Take a look and just imagine if he can keep this sort of prestige up for the next 25 years or so. That would be impressive!


Watch Katie Couric Tell 'CBS Evening News' She's "Audi 5000"

Here's Couric's hoopla-free sign-off to "CBS Evening News," coming after just five years. When Katie Couric became the first solo woman anchor for a major network, there was a lot of hoopla. I mean, a shit-ton of hoopla. Above is Couric's hoopla-free sign-off to "CBS Evening News," coming after just five years. She talks about how much more awesome past anchor's sign-off lines were, and fails to come up with a cooler one. How about: "Katie Couric Just Came Atcha - With News." That would have been perfect, but oh well. The ratings for Couric's era have not been good, so now she's in talks to host a syndicated afternoon talk show for ABC. Couric's highlight reel as an anchor includes her infamous Sarah Palin interview, where she "trapped" Palin by asking what newspapers she reads. She also interviewed the regular crew of White House misfits, like President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. If you actually watch the evening news on broadcast TV, you may or may not miss her. I won't speak for you - you'll have to look into your heart and decide. Scott Pelley will replace Couric starting June 6th.