Enjoy The 'Great Gatsby' Trailer Sans 3D

Spoiler alert. Jay Gatsby was working as a double agent for Abu Nazir. When adapting one of the few great American novels, it's important to use bleeding-edge technology so the metaphors don't just figuratively fly at you, but literally as well. *ZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOM* "THE HOLLOWNESS OF THE AMERICAN DREAM" *VROOOOOOOOOM* "DUALITY OF MAN!!!!" And so on. I apologize to Mr. Gunnin for only knowing two apt literary themes for Gatsby. Too busy living my life in high school, I guess. So here's Tobey, Leo, and Mrs. Marcus Mumford doing that thing where they're really important, acting in a period piece and whatnot.

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'Oz: The Great And Powerful' Trailer Gives Us An Origin Story, Mila Kunis

Really great, but only sorta powerful. This much-anticipated Sam Raimi film appears to be everything that we would like a Tim Burton film to be. It's got great effects that seem relevant to the story. It's got central characters that aren't played by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. It's got a story, though somewhat familiar, that seems pretty damn crafty and fun. I don't want to get too gushy about a trailer, but Oz: The Great and Powerful looks as though it's oozing originality. And how could it not? It's got Franco!


Let The Great Sperm Heist Begin In 'The Babymakers' Trailer

Sperm! Romantic comedies come in two basic flavors nowadays: Sweet, gentle, watch-with-your-parents types, and raunchy keep-the-kids-as-far-away-as-you-possibly-can-dear-sweet-Jesus-in-heaven types. Interestingly, this red band trailer for The Babymakers seems to be pitched somewhere in between. Yeah, there are lots of references to sperm and related fluids, but the overall raunch factor is relatively tame. But, it's about a guy breaking into a sperm bank to steal back his own sperm, so I still recommend watching it. Also, the movie stars Olivia Munn, Paul Schneider, Aisha Tyler, and a regrettably-trailer-absent Wood Harris of The Wire, so check it out if you are into one or more of those people.


Comic-Con 2012: 'Oz: The Great And Powerful' Trailer Lands

So that's where James Franco's been hiding. The Land of Oz. It's been awhile since we've heard much from James Franco and those worried that he would no longer appear in every single movie, can rest assured. He was just busy with Sam Raimi's new epic Oz: The Great and Powerful, which the director presented to a Comic-Con audience yesterday afternoon. The Wizard of Oz prequel takes a look at the humble beginnings of the Wizard before he found his way to Oz and leveled up. We're also given glimpses of Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz as hot witches. No sexy Munchkins yet though. Gotta save something for opening day crowds.


Brickworld Brings Us Some Great Reproductions Of 'Princess Bride' Scenes Using LEGOs

Whoever doesn't appreciate this is a stone-cold monster. If' you're big into the LEGO "scene," then I probably don't have to tell you about Brickworld Chicago. However, many of us aren't hip to the goings-on of LEGO enthusiasts, and will require an education. Every summer, people who like and a appreciate LEGO get together in Chicago and put together some really awesome art/construction/art constructions out of LEGOs for the world to see. And of course, since people who are fanatical about one thing are generally fanatical about several things, they put together some killer reproductions of The Princes Bride scenes. Everything from the swordfights to Fred Savage's character's bedroom.


Great, Now The Charlie Sheen Auto-Tune Is Stuck In My Head

Just when I thought I was out... Some of us are sick of Charlie Sheen by now, and some of us are addicted to him more than he is. I still feel it's my obligation to post the official Sheen auto-tune, as it's done by the Gregor Brothers, the guys behind Auto-Tune The News and the Bed Intruder Song. If nothing else, it's catchy, which could be a problem. I'm going around the office chortling my affinity for banging 7 gram rocks. Now for the obligatory slogan... WINNING! (WarmingGlow)