'Edge Of Tomorrow' Trailer: Tom Cruise Lives. Dies. Repeats.

A more explode-y 'Groundhog Day'. As he did in Oblivion, Tom Cruise is once again battling a total sucky future in Edge of Tomorrow. While Cruise hopes he is not doomed to repeat that film's performance at the box office, he is seemingly doomed to repeat this one mech-suit battle against alien squid robots. Awaking after each time he is murdered by those things from The Matrix, Cruise's character must "train" himself to survive and eventually win the war and probably totally bang Emily Blunt.

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Tom Cruise Wants The Truth, Once Again, In Latest 'Oblivion' Trailer

This guy's always chasing the truth. The last trailer for Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion offered very little beyond showing Tom Cruise flying around in a ship that looks like the Ambiguously Gay Duo penis car, and that was a wise move. We were able to process the film's setting, marvel at the special effects and get all the Wall-E jokes out of our system. This time around, we're treated to the film's actual plot. Tom Cruise stars as a drone repairman who lives in orbit with his wife. By day, he helps clean up the surface of a dead Earth and eliminate the alien beasts that still inhabit it. His life is shaken up when he begins to experience visions of a woman he's never met, and is pulled into a conspiracy when that mystery woman arrives on Earth via escape pod. It looks like it combines elements from several existing science fiction films. Except Battlefield Earth. Scientology learned their lesson with that one.


Tom Cruise Is The Future's Best Janitor In 'Oblivion' Trailer

Mop, mop, mop. Make it shine. Sixty years ago, planet Earth got all jacked up and now Tom Cruise has to clean it up. With just two weeks until off-planet retirement with the rest of mankind, Cruise gets pulled into a greater conspiracy involving alien creatures, Morlock Freeman, and what look to be clones. That said, it's all looks a bit mysterious so it's hard to latch onto what this movie's really about but at a glance I'd call it a blend of Tron: Legacy and I Am Legend. But in a good way.


The 'Repeaters' Trailer is Like 'Groundhog Day' Without All the Laughter

I like Groundhog Day, but I hate to laugh. If only there was a movie that met my needs! Finally, my prayers have been answered thanks to Carl Bessai's Repeaters. The film plays with the Groundhog Day stuck-in-a-time-loop concept, but twists it into a "aggressive, fast-paced thriller "that addresses the morals of starting over with a clean slate every day in some of the most extreme ways. If you ask me, this concept is long overdue. Every time I watch Groundhog Day, I wonder why Bill Murray doesn't lash out at the townspeople in a violent, consequence-free orgy of blood and mayhem. And I've found myself pondering that question on a regular basis ever since my doctor started weaning me off Wellbutrin. (First Showing) Watch the trailer for Repeaters, the evil Groundhog Day, after the jump...


Emily Blunt Versus The Cartels In 'Sicario' Trailer

Trust no one. Least of all Josh Brolin. Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve sends Emily Blunt south of the border for some fun and sun in the trailer for Sicario. By fun, I mean misery and by sun, I mean, well, I guess it is pretty sunny there. At any rate, Blunt takes the lead in this action thriller as an American CIA agent who teams up with a task force in Mexico to root out and bring down the head of a dangerous cartel, who as this trailer seems to heavily imply, is Josh Brolin. Unless it is not Josh Brolin. Which is exactly what Josh Brolin would want us to think.


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Tom Cruise Comfortable Around Boobs In 'Rock Of Ages' Trailer

He's so chill with Russell Brand. The trailer for Adam Shankman's Rock of Ages is here and it has everything you'd expect. Big stars with terrible haircuts, hot babes, and your favorite '80's rock anthems made faaaabulooousssss. That's not to say that it looks bad. The whole thing is handled in a tongue-in-cheek way and the jokes hit exactly as they should. This is mostly thanks to Words with Friends champion, Alec Baldwin. He may not be a courteous flyer but the man can sell a vomit joke. Other notable standouts are Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Malin Akerman. Cruise because he nails the bored rock star part, Zeta-Jones because she chews the scenery as an uptight conservative protestor and Malin Akerman because you almost see her boobs.


'Escape From Tomorrow' First Movie Filmed Secretly At Disney World To Feature No Upskirts

I always knew that place was up to something. There's something far more nefarious going on at Disney World than overpriced food and beverage prices. If you think anything like filmmaker Randy Moore, you see that beneath the joyful veneer of the happiest place on Earth lies an undercurrent of secret violence. That's the gist of Escape From Tomorrow, Moore's film shot without permission at Disney World. He must have studied under Robert K. Bowfinger. As you can see from the trailer, it's a sinister, mind-bending trip that will forever ruin Epcot Center for you. Last thing I want is my head turning into one of those things.


Tom Cruise Fears No Height In Full 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer

Seriously. Get a stunt double. Be sure to check out this full trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol presented to us by an eery adult version of Haley Joel Osment. Looks like Tom Cruise is back in the having to clear his name game after he finds himself framed for blowing up The Kremlin. Since that would piss a lot of people off, he and his team have to go underground and complete their own mission without the aid of their murdered bosses. On account of they being murdered and whatnot. Jeremy Renner also stars as an agent that nobody is sure they can trust. It's been said that he's being groomed to take over the series from Cruise. He even does Tom Cruise's famous hover just inches above the floor move. The kid's got potential.