Ed Harris Walks It Out In New 'The Way Back' Trailer

Personally, I don't even like walking to the TV when I can't find the remote, let alone across a tundra, desert, and over mountains. But I guess that's what seperates me from the Ed Harrises and Jim Sturgesses of the world. In this new trailer for Peter Weir's The Way Back, we follow a group of soldiers imprisoned in Siberia. Deciding that prison sucks because it's too cold and they're tired of watching one another sh*t, they team up to escape. And then they walk really far. Through the Arctic, the Gobi desert, and over the Himilayas. Why though? Was the prison really looking that hard for them after a few days of searching? They probably could have just moved a few towns over and grown mustaches. Dummies. Walk it out after the jump...

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