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Earth Trailer

I spent an entire week getting totally blazed, laying on a floor and watching the Planet Earth series over and over and over again about a year ago. It’s Eco Porn. In the future, documentaries like these are all that we will have to remember the planet. And as I was reminded yesterday: whatever we find, we must consider Mars a hostile planet.

What’s really interesting is that this basically looks like all the same footage from Alastair Fothergill’s Planet Earth, repackaged for a Disney audience. The great thing about the original series, other than the amazing feats of cinematography, is that it’s so real, often in a depressing way. It’s not about families sticking together and winning in the end. It’s about the brutality of the animal kingdom where you’re basically just trying fuck something before you become part of the grand ecological  buffet. There are chimps that eat other chimps, sharks that eat whale babies, birds that do the most insane shit to get laid, drought, poaching—the realities of living on our planet are encompassed in the documentary. My vote is to wait till this comes out on blue ray and then play it with the mute button.



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