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E.T. Not All That Adorable In New Fan Trailer For ‘E.T-X’

They say hindsight is 20-20, and in hindsight, that E.T. was a real bastard. Or so posits this fan-made trailer in which the original E.T. was actually a scouting mission so that, decades later, the aliens can invade and have their way with us. Using piecemeal clips from such gems as Deep Impact and The Siege, the creators of this trailer have created a world in which millions of E.T.’s with telescoping necks feast on humans.

After about four minutes in, it’s pretty clear that this may have been a better idea on paper than in practice. The creators of this clip did a pretty good job with the effects, juxtaposing E.T., Reese’s Pieces, and even a grown-up Henry Thomas (Elliott).

However, nothing about this really reads as funny or clever, but rather simply as a project that people put a lot of time into and adequately deliver. Yup, it’s that much fun. The six-minute runtime is a little tedious, as well. I won’t spoil the one good surprise in the clip. Just kidding. Of course I will. Deep Impact Morgan Freeman gets his head bitten off by an evil E.T. at 4:45. (Movie Line)

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