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Dystopian Earth Still Cooler Than Pandora in New ‘Avatar’ Blu-ray (Video)

Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, a three-volume set with 45 minutes of unused footage as well as an extended cut of the film with scenes of Earth. In the trailers, we catch a glimpse of these scenes, which seem to portray our planet as a violent, overcrowded hellhole not unlike most major cities or your average Denny’s.

Frankly, I can see why they cut the scenes. While the extended footage paints a bleak picture of Earth’s future, it’s still preferable to the brutal world of Pandora. After all, the people of future Earth look miserable, but at least they’re wearing pants and have neon signs. That’s much better than running around the jungle naked like some blue savage, trying to talk to trees. (Collider)

Catch a glimpse of Earth’s crappy future after the jump…

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