‘Drive Angry’ Red Band Trailer Assaults Your Brainhole

There is a red band trailer for 'Drive Angry 3D', and you are going to watch it. Or Nicholas Cage is going to murder you. Here's a newer, dirtier look at OSCAR WINNER (remember?) Nicholas Cage's Drive Angry 3D, the actor's latest insane collection of explosions, awkward sex scenes, and ultraviolence masquerading as a film. I mean, seriously, I could probably write in binary for three paragraphs and you'd still watch the embedded video. What's the point of trying to sell you on the plot, which is inconsequential, or the cast, which, while boasting the talents of William Fitchner and Amber Heard, are just window dressing that hang around while things explode, curse, die, and have sex around them. The film opens on February 25th, and if it's anything like this trailer, it's going to be totally insane. (The Playlist)