'Drive Angry 3D' Trailer Makes Good On Its Title

How you gonna mess with Nic Cage's hair like that?! Summit has dropped the trailer for Drive Angry 3D. Patrick Lussier directs Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, and David Morse in what looks like another Ghost Rider with a car standing in for a chopper. Cage plays a guy who breaks out of hell (what? how? what?) to get revenge against the cult that killed his daughter and took her baby. William Fichtner is the Devil's right-hand-man sent to bring him back. I gotta say, it's perfect casting with Fichtner. There's something always twitchy with that guy. I could totally see him doing Satan's bidding. Drive Angry 3D crashes into theaters February 11, 2011. Check out the trailer after the jump... Drive Angry: Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers