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Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog Is, In Fact, Horrible

The plot revolves around Dr. Horrible (NPH) and his attempts to win over a relatively cute chick and get into an elite squad of super villains. The unfortnate part is that everyone sings the entire time. I guess I should’ve been expecting that, what with that name and all, but I thought they were just being cute. Honestly, after the first song, which sounded like it could be from any terrible off-Broadway play, I pretty much tuned out. If I’m going to watch a bunch of musical web videos, they better have R. Kelly trapped in some kind of closet. Otherwise you can count me out. But, I’m sure there’s an audience for this kind of thing. If you’re a fat teenage girl, a college drama major or a guy who owns capri pants (none of those are mutually exclusive) then you’ll probably start your own LiveJournal about how much you love this thing. Otherwise you’ll probably just get annoyed and turn it off.

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