Don't Back Zach!

We're fighting fire with fire. Fire being Zach Braff in the first instance, and your money in the second. Zach Braff spends his time sleeping with models and eating great food. If he has money for that, he shouldn't need the public's help with funding his vanity project.  Our "Don't Back Zach" campaign was launched in response to the new wave of celebrity Kickstarted vanity projects.  Whether it's Melissa Joan Hart raising money for a film where she doesn't play Clarissa, or Zach Braff raising money for a movie he wants you to think is the sequel to Garden State, it seems like there's no celebrity too small or idea too dumb to not get its own crowdfunding campaign.  So, us too! Enough is enough. Famous people have two things we normals don't: money and access.  By turning to crowdfunding, they've gamed the system, cashing in on their fame to make any project they want with no risk to their own bankroll, and owing no profits to their "investors" if its a success. We need to send them a message that this is NOT OK, and with your help we can do just that… We've put together a full-page advertisement telling everyone we "Don't back Zach." We'll need $10,000 to run it in the local film & TV industry magazine, the Hollywood Reporter, and if we hit $200,00 we'll go national in a magazine like Entertainment Weekly.  And if we get $5,000,000 we'll carve it into the moon! All funds will be returned if we don't hit our 10k goal!