'Django Unchained' Used To Sell School Supplies To Little Greek Children

We'll file this one under: "uh buh??" Imagine if you were watching a Party City Halloween commercial and saw a Django Unchained costume. Would you be horribly offended? If you answer is yes, you don't have what it takes to make it in the Greek Advertising world. We'll file this one under: "uh buh??"

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More Murder-y Hijinks In New 'Django Unchained' Spot

It's like 'Shanghai Noon' minus the karate. In a minute long spot for this holiday season's bloodiest buddy comedy romp, we get a better look at the madcap adventures of Jamie Foxx's Django and Christoph Waltz's bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz. That's some pretty wacky gangland-style killing. We haven't seen an Old West duo so mismatched since Shanghai Noon. We also get a look at Samuel L. Jackson outfitted to resemble Latter Years Louis Armstrong. Sadly, he doesn't even attempt to do the voice.


Watch The Trailer For ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’, You Sell Out

Morgan Spurlock has some ideas about what products you should buy. Morgan Spurlock specializes in making documentaries with a gimmick. As an easy example, take Super Size Me. In it, Spurlock documents his experiment to see what would happen to the human body if it subsisted on nothing but McDonald's for an entire month. And in his latest, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Spurlock documents what happens to a movie if it subsists entirely on product placement. The result is a movie that is chock full of ads - but does that really make it that different from the average blockbuster? Remember when Tony Stark got Burger King in Iron Man - that alone paid for Iron Man's jet-boots. Anyway, the movie looks pretty funny, but I don't know how important an issue product placement really is. For example, there's a clip of an interview with some guy who says the audience should be alerted every time they're exposed to advertising in a movie. Wouldn't that just be annoying? Think about it while you enjoy an ice-cold Slurpee™ from 7-11. (via Yahoo!)


There's Funny Stuff In 'Horrible Bosses' Red Band

Let's hope these aren't all of the best parts. [post-album postid="214511" item="1"]The original trailer for Horrible Bosses didn't really grab my attention. Typically, I need to be strongly cursed at or shown boobies to react. Suffice it to say that this new red band trailer for Horrible Bosses had my full attention. Here we see that this movie really has some bite and raunchy set-ups. It looks pretty funny, though we're worried that it gives away too many of the film's jokes and not enough of Jennifer Aniston walking around naked. More of that please. Poor Charlie Day. Always having to have sex with and be fondled by his hot, rich boss. Don't get any ideas, Longshanks.


Don't Let This Trailer For 'Branded' Keep You From Supporting Our Advertisers

It's not a Russell Brand variety show. Thank God. In the not-too-distant dystopian future, corporate companies and brands respond to our wanton use of Tivo and torrent sites by taking over the minds of citizens in an effort to exert their will on society. However, one man is able to to look past the mind control and get on the offensive against the corporate overlords. Take that, capitalism! That wasn't a premonition, that's the premise for the sci-fi film Branded which debuted this trailer at Comic-Con a couple of days ago. The film's cast includes Jeffrey Tambor (Bluth Company brand awareness!), Ed Stoppard, Leelee Sobieski, and Max von Sydow. The film, directed and written by Jamie Bradshaw makes its bow on September 7th. You should go see it. YOU WILL GO SEE IT! Sorry, didn't mean to come across as so mind-control-ly.