Denzel Washington Making Guarantees Supercut

All of his performances are the same. He's the Nickelback of actors. Further proof that Denzel Washington movies are interchangeable. He's the Nickelback of actors.

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'2 Guns' Trailer: Mark Wahlberg & Denzel Washington Finally Get Around To Doing A Movie Together

I'm getting too old for this sh*t. So, all of a sudden there's a trailer for a Mark Wahlberg/Denzel Washington action-comedy that nobody knew existed called 2 Guns. The poorly-titled film stars Wahlberg and Washington as a Naval Intelligence officer and a DEA agent respectively working undercover to steal money from the mob. However, neither realize the other is an undercover agent so they rationally try to kill one another until they're forced to team up and talk smack to one another and roll around and wrestle and stuff and argue over whom will do the driving. It's exactly what you'd expect from a film about guys trying not to be violently murdered by Edward James Olmos.


Scary Movie Scene Supercut

A collection of the most frightening scenes cinema has to offer. It's been a while since we did a supercut, so we put together this montage of some of the scariest scenes cinema has to offer. While the clips do tend to come from the horror genre, that wasn't a prerequisite for making the list. Films like Jurassic Park and Predator don't really qualify as horror films, yet they both have some extremely frightening scenes that made it in. By that logic, I'm not really sure why the Kathy Bates hot tub scene in About Schmidt didn't qualify. As it just so happens, another scary film by the name of Silent House hits theaters this Friday (March 9th), so if our supercut has put you in the mood for horror, go and check it out. And when you get to the theater, tell them "ScreenJunkies sent you." We get an extra nickle every time someone says that.


Further Proof That 'The Walking Dead' Pretty Much IS 'Toy Story'

How did we not see this sooner?! There's been a longstanding theory that The Walking Dead's Governor is essentially Toy Story 3's villainous Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear and AMC's zombie series has borrowed more than a few plot points from the Pixar film series. Today comes even more similarities! It's been awhile since I've watched the original Toy Story film, but thanks to the Internet, you can see that The Walking Dead BLATANTLY stole its opening titles from the beloved children's film. Wow. Despicable. Somebody's gonna get sued. How did we not see this sooner?!


You Can Finally Watch Bill Murray's Strangest Performance In 'Nothing Lasts Forever'

Not as strange as his public persona though. For thirty years, there have been whispers about Nothing Lasts Forever, the long lost 1980's comedy starring Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray that has sat in a vault. Up until now. Directed by SNL's short film director Tom Schiller, the movie features Gremlins star Zach Galligan as a young man struggling to survive in a totalitarian retro/future New York City. MGM originally shelved the film after a test audience response of "Whaddafuh?" But that's the charm of this unique film that has amassed a cult following and has to be seen to be believed. You can watch it now on YouTube. But I wouldn't wait too long because nothing lasts forever. Especially YouTube uploads that breach copyright claims.


Further Proof Kevin Costner LOVES Sports Movies: 'Draft Day'

He's in the front office of the Cleveland Browns. God help him. Because Kevin Costner is far too old to really play any sort of athlete, except for maybe in a Tin Cup sequel, his foray into sports films is a little different these days. Rather than play a star pitcher, or sailing captain, or baseball player, or baseball player, or baseball player, he has to play a general manager or coach, or something lame like that. Speaking of lame, Draft Day has him general managing the Cleveland Browns, which is sort of like torture porn to fans of sports films. So take this football equivalent of Saw, which, of course, is drafting the 28 year-old Brandon Weedon with your first round pick. The scariest part is that actually happened.


'You Look Like Sh*t' Movie Line Supercut

Jesus. Get some sleep. I'm surprised it took us this long to get a supercut of movie characters telling each other that they look like shit. I mean, we have one of people saying, "It's the 90's," so we might as well have one that's equally condescending, even if it's more directly so. With no more further ado (because what else can be said), here is a supercut that might just make you feel better about how you look today. Even if you really do look like shit. Do you even own a mirror? (A.V. Club)