Decision 2015: Vote Brad Bird To Direct 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

The only candidate who has never done anything wrong in the history of ever. The only candidate who has never done anything wrong in the history of ever.

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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Trailer Also Gets The 'Spaceballs' Treatment

The Schwartz Awakens? Word on the geek street is that the new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is set to become the most-viewed movie trailer of all time. No surprise there; it's Star Wars. It should also be no surprise that the trailer is being recut, effed-with, and parodied in just about every way imaginable. And this time, it's Filmgeekery doing Spaceballs, the Mel Brooks parody of the original three Star Wars installments. The trailer is really just Spaceballs set to the sounds and dialogue of the new film. And if you don't like this, you're a joyless monster.


Warwick Davis Will Be Joining The Cast Of 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Will these casting announcements never end? Fan favorite Warwick Davis was, for a day or two, the subject of rumors that he would appear in the next installment of Star Wars, Star Wars: Episode VII. Then, yesterday, he posted a YouTube video saying, yes, he was cast in the film. Good news for fans of both the film and the actor. And this video he used to confirm the rumors is pretty cute, too. Davis has appeared in a couple of the other Star Wars installments, as both an Ewok, and as Wald in Episode I. But he's best known for his tile roles in Willow and Leprechaun, as well as the starring role in HBO's Life's Too Short. Welcome back to Star Wars, Warwick.