Death Is Coming For Everyone And Everything In Latest 'Game Of Thrones' Promo

More than usual. It's time to play Game Of Thrones dialogue or Creed lyric. This week's challenge: "There's a beast inside of every man, and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand." If you chose Game Of Thrones dialogue, you are correct.

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Get A Load Of 'Game Of Thrones' Season Three

All your favorites are back. Some with cool new scars! The only thing better than watching Game Of Thrones is probably making Game Of Thrones. Just look how psyched everyone in this behind-the-scenes set  diary is. And that's in spite of the blazing heat, terrible cold, and Alfie Allen's tuna breath. Seriously, dude. Pick up some Ice Breakers. Nothing spoilery revealed here. It's what you've come to expect -- walking around in the desert, walking around in the forest, walking around in snow, and Arya getting terrorized by adults. The uje.


'Game Of Thrones' Second Season Teaser

"You win or you die." Is this about Words With Friends? HBO had a surprise hit on their hands last year with Game of Thrones, presumably due to all the nudity and decapitations HBO is famous for providing its viewers. And they're doing the smart thing and not letting anybody see any beheadings for free, if this new teaser that just premiered is any indication. Still, you might be into it if you like the show. Enjoy, and try not to speak with a British accent for the rest of the day - unless you actually are British, of course.


'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Trailer: Ice and Fire Delivered As Promised

HBO's really pumping money into this show now. Fans of the undead and heads getting bashed in are in for the best night of their lives on Sunday, March 1st. On that night, The Walking Dead wraps up its third season and passes the torch to Game Of Thrones as the HBO series returns for season three. After months of teases and plugging fingers in our ears as friends discuss the book, we finally have an actual look at show footage. And dragons. Fully grown dragons f&*%ing up people's sh*t. Here's hoping this is the season where Joffrey will be impaled on the Iron Throne. Why else would there be swords all over that thing?


Here's A Video Of Every 'Game Of Thrones' Death

Don't worry - it stops at season three if you're not caught up completely. Game of Thrones is a violent show. (You must think I'm an idiot for pointing that out, but every article needs an opening line.) How violent? According to some guys at Digg (remember Digg?), it's 5,179-deaths-in-three-seasons violent. oF course, a lot of that takes place with a huge fire, but still. That's a lot of deaths. Relieve the magic, the stabbings, and the molten-gold-poured-on-heads one more time with this fun clip, and be glad you live in a safer, more secure place. Like 2014 Detroit.


Fanboy Porn! Watch a Blacksmith Craft a <i>Game of Thrones</i> Sword

Master blacksmith Tony Swatton forges Hollywood's most famous weapons. First up: Jaime Lannister’s Kingslayer sword from Game of Thrones. Who says TV rots your brain? Break Media's new YouTube channel, AWE me, actually aims to expand it. But in a cool way. With Tony Swatton, a blacksmith/propmaker who has worked on loads of big movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Spider-Man, The Last Samurai and The Ring. He's the star of their new show, Man at Arms, and each week he'll be crafting an iconic weapon, like Batman's Batarang or Odd Job's Hat. But first, Jaime Lannister’s Kingslayer sword from Game of Thrones. You know you want one...


HBO Reminds Us That 'Game Of Thrones' Season Two Will Rule

So many new characters. I'm already dizzy. As of April, you're going to have a lot of new names to learn. An in production trailer for the second season of HBO's Game Of Thrones is here to remind you to clear some unnecessary facts and memories out of your brain because when the series returns, you'll be introduced to even more characters with complex connections to one another. Not only that, but you'll see even more locations. But also... more awesome plot twists and boobs. They may as well engrave the Emmy's now.


'Game Of Thrones'. Season 5. Trailer. Here. Now.

Ok. I'm ready for the premiere now. In *sigh* two and a half months. To the delight of millions of fans throughout the world, the Game of Thrones season 5 trailer has been released, like so many beautiful doves, into the wild. It came before the IMAX presentation of its episodes, and was pretty clearly shot with a fan's camera. Still, it's worth checking out if you're a fan. I don't really feel like discussing the plot points here, but I will direct you to this Variety page where they run through every bit of imagery there is. Me? I prefer to just let it wash over me. Mostly because I can't remember the fate of about 90% of the characters, but also because the trailer is pretty cool with that David Bowie cover. WATCH IT.