'Daydream Nation' Makes Kat Dennings Out To Be Whorish And Hot

This teenager seems to be clinically self-involved. That's not very realistic at all! The producers and of Daydream Nation and Kat Dennings seem to think that high school was a weird, confusing time when you were really hot and had lots of sex and people resented you for it. If that wasn't the case, maybe you should skip ahead to this article. If that WAS your high school experience, let's wait for the losers to bolt... Cool. They're gone. This trailer is like a video yearbook of my senior year: the jealousy, my offhand witticisms, even my affair with Josh Lucas and the unexplained presence of Andie MacDowell! Someone finally portrays high school from a winner's perspective. This trailer uses the pull quote "Juno as reimagined by David Lynch," (attributed to Variety, so send them some hate mail) which is tantamount to "Tarantino reimagined by Tyler Perry" in its worthlessness. The quote is indicative of how important this movie thinks it is, while the trailer demonstrates how important this movie actually is. SPOILER ALERT: There's a discrepancy between the two. Daydream Nation hits Canada on April 15th, and the US on May 6th. Huh. That's kind of unpatriotic.