David Wain's Wanderlust Trailer Makes Hippies Likable

From a distance. If Wanderlust the film is as good as this new trailer, David Wain will have pulled ahead of the pack as the funniest director working today. The plot isn't anything we haven't seen before -- stressed out big city couple head out to the country. The difference here is the supporting cast. Justin Theroux, Joe Lo Truglio, Alan Alda, Kerri Kenney, and co-writer Ken Marino look to really dive into their roles to make life more awkward for Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. Think of it as Green Acres with more casual nudity.

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Exclusive: The 'Wanderlust' Red Band Trailer Is Here

Watch it. Wanderlust, staring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, hits theaters Friday, February 24st. But, in order to hold you over until then, we've got the exclusive red band trailer, and it's literally got something for everybody. If for some reason you're not a fan of laughter, you'll still be able to enjoy the naked breasts and implied bestiality. And let's not forget the psychedelic drugs. See, something for everyone! The Judd Apatow produced film (directed by David Wain) tells the story of a couple from New York who flee the city in search of something more. What they end up finding is a commune full of promiscuous hippies. Compare that to what the travelers found in The Hills Have Eyes, and I think it's safe to say the Wanderlust characters really lucked out.


Ken Marino Campaigned For His Emmy Nod Shirtless, In A Fireman's Uniform, In The Street

You have to be proactive these days. Ken Marino isn't quite a household name, and right now, his steady gig, the comedy short series Burning Love, isn't exactly blowing up Nielsen boxes. So in order to get some recognition in what he calls the "short form whatever" category, he took to the streets of LA shirtless, wearing a fireman's outfit. Because his character is a firefighter. He yelled "CONSIDER ME!" in front of the Paramount lot while holding a sign that said "For Your Consideration." Will it work? Who cares about short form Emmy categories? This is funny.


Ken Marino's Butt-Demon Keeps Killing People In 'Bad Milo' Red Band Trailer

A film for the annals of history. Sometimes excessive stress can cause intestinal problems like a demon that climbs out of your rectum and kills people. It is rare though. Ken Marino stars in Bad Milo as Duncan, a stressed out guy who finds himself suffering from a vengeful butt-demon. When Activia is unable to help him with this issue, Duncan attempts to befriend the creature and keep its insatiable appetite at bay. Think Little Shop of Horrors meets the bathroom scene from Dumb and Dumber.


David Lynch Directs Another Commercial For His Coffee Line

Who knows what he secretly switched our coffee with. Coffee. It's a rite of passage into each new day. Many of us look forward to waking to the deep aromas of a fresh pot. It's the only thing that can get us out of bed. Well, now the associated nightmares will also do the job. David Lynch has made a new commercial for his David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. It's as moody and foreboding as you'd expect from the director of Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. I especially like the part where the coffee kills its clone and assumes its identity. The master has done it again.


This Video Pulls Back The Curtain On David Fincher's Subtle, Haunting Style Of Direction

It's not flashy...and that's the point. David Fincher is making critical waves yet again with today's release of Gone Girl in theaters. While Fincher is considered one of the foremost auteurs in popular cinema today, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes him both different and better than many of his peers. There isn't a quick and easy explanation, but if you have seven minutes to dive into this, you'll see not just what makes the director of Fight Club and Se7en stand apart from many other so-called "gritty" directors. It's as much about his restraint and limited use of gimmicks as it his gravitation towards strong scripts. Without giving too much aways, you'll learn here how Fincher uses zooms, close-ups, and composition to convey a visual message as powerful as the scripted ones. And if you don't like David Fincher's work, there's still plenty to study and learn what goes into a seemingly simple shot. Kudos to the creator, Tony Szhou, for his work here.


Break Out the Bugs and Rotten Meat: David Lynch Wants You to Make a Music Video

All entries will be judged by Lynch himself, and the winner will receive a box of doll heads covered in fire ants...probably. For more information, watch the video. Are you a David Lynch fan? Well, do you at least pretend to be a David Lynch fan? Good enough, because the eccentric director is asking fans to create music videos for his two new pop songs, "Good Day Today" and "I Know." I'm assuming the original plan was to film a pile of goat meat rotting in the sun, but there were complaints from his condo association. All entries will be judged by Lynch himself, and the winner will receive a box of doll heads covered in fire ants...probably. For more information, watch the video, or visit genero.tv. (MovieLine)


David O. Russell Brings Every Famous Actor Together For 'American Hustle'

Come for the plot, stay for the wigs. For those of us too young to remember ABSCAM, that's why we have people like David O. Russell. ABSCAM was a sting operation in the 70's and 80's originally set to recover stolen property which ended up targeting corrupt public officials. The operation brought together a wild cast of characters, including con men, women of ill repute, and general bon vivants that very well could have been in jail were they not helping the U.S. government. In addition to serving justice, it served as a pretty great reason to get these miscreants together to party. The trailer features Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper filling out these roles nicely (and with some epic late-70's hair).


Kevin Spacey Is Likable In The 'Father Of Invention' Trailer

I find the idea of Kevin Spacey being forced to work at a Wal-Mart very soothing and nice. The film opens with a familiar sight: Kevin Spacey being a sleazy salesman. However, as the trailer for Father of Invention moves along, it confuses the viewer by showing us a Spacey that doesn't seem to hate other people or himself. He's kind of an okay guy. We watch Spacey's inventor character fall from grace, only to be released from prison ten years later to pick up the pieces with his career, wife, and daughter. Also, he gets yelled at by his boss at Wal-Mart, Johnny Knoxville. The trailer manages to walk the line between heartwarming and saccharine pretty well, and it even humanizes Kevin Spacey. So it does the impossible twice. Way to go, director Trent Cooper. Way to go, EVERYONE.