David O. Russell Brings Every Famous Actor Together For 'American Hustle'

Come for the plot, stay for the wigs. For those of us too young to remember ABSCAM, that's why we have people like David O. Russell. ABSCAM was a sting operation in the 70's and 80's originally set to recover stolen property which ended up targeting corrupt public officials. The operation brought together a wild cast of characters, including con men, women of ill repute, and general bon vivants that very well could have been in jail were they not helping the U.S. government. In addition to serving justice, it served as a pretty great reason to get these miscreants together to party. The trailer features Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper filling out these roles nicely (and with some epic late-70's hair).

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Russell Brand Poops Candy In ‘Hop’ Trailer

Katy Perry shoots sparks from her breasts and Russell Brand craps jellybeans. Their children will surf on rainbows. I'd always felt that Russell Brand leads a charmed life and today I have confirmation that he poops candy. I knew that the director of Alvin and the Chipmunks couldn't resist a poop-eating joke. He probably laughed like a bastard while watching The Human Centipede. In the film, Brand plays the I'd-rather-be-drumming Easter Bunny (who is British for some reason), as he embarks on his yearly mission only to be run over by James Marsden. The end. Oops. No. I guess there's more movie after that. And David Hasselhoff. If there are two things that Tim Hill can't resist, they are poop-eating and David Hasselhoff. Which do you prefer? (Apple)


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David Lynch Directs Another Commercial For His Coffee Line

Who knows what he secretly switched our coffee with. Coffee. It's a rite of passage into each new day. Many of us look forward to waking to the deep aromas of a fresh pot. It's the only thing that can get us out of bed. Well, now the associated nightmares will also do the job. David Lynch has made a new commercial for his David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. It's as moody and foreboding as you'd expect from the director of Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. I especially like the part where the coffee kills its clone and assumes its identity. The master has done it again.


New 'Fright Night 3D' Trailer: Now With 100% More David Tennant

David Tennant is ready to kill some things. [post-album postid="212861" item="2"]A new trailer for Fright Night gives nerds exactly what they want. Shirtless David Tennant. The first trailer side-stepped the intro of Tennant's Criss Angel-type illusionist/vampire hunter, Peter Vincent, but makes up for it this time around. Vincent coaches Anton Yelchin's Charlie in how to battle the bloodsucker next door. And it looks like they do have quite the battle. Though in all fairness, whether vampiric or not, the chances of Colin Farrell burning down his neighbor's house have always been quite high.


Conan O'Brien Had A Bitch Of A Time Getting Ready For The MTV Movie Awards

You gotta condition, homey. If you thought Christian Bale had a tough time keeping his American Hustle hair in check, it's nothing compared to what Conan O'Brien suffers through day-to-day. In fact, he had a tough time pulling it together before hosting the MTV Movie Awards. Things were pretty down to the wire but luckily he managed and the fourteen-year olds in the audience weren't deprived any of the jokes that went over their heads.


David Hyde Pierce Goes Ballistic In 'The Perfect Host' (Trailer)

David Hyde Pierce will clock you in the head with a delightful bottle of Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley. If you have seen "Frasier," you know that one shouldn't get in the way of David Hyde Pierce and one of his dinner parties. Unfortunately for Clayne Crawford, that's exactly what happens when the his fugitive character ducks into Pierce's house to hide out from the police. Pierce has his way with the hapless intruder, all the while preparing for his party. The Perfect Host seems to be an amalgam of "Frasier," Falling Down, and Swimming with Sharks. In other words, lots and lots of black comedy coming from a prissy little man. Those who know David Hyde Pierce only through his Frasier work will be pleased to know that he has a bit of a slapstick side that has come through via his work on"The Simpsons," Wet Hot American Summer, and his turn hosting"Saturday Night Live." Watch his descent into madness here and fall in love with this tiny man all over again.


Break Out the Bugs and Rotten Meat: David Lynch Wants You to Make a Music Video

All entries will be judged by Lynch himself, and the winner will receive a box of doll heads covered in fire ants...probably. For more information, watch the video. Are you a David Lynch fan? Well, do you at least pretend to be a David Lynch fan? Good enough, because the eccentric director is asking fans to create music videos for his two new pop songs, "Good Day Today" and "I Know." I'm assuming the original plan was to film a pile of goat meat rotting in the sun, but there were complaints from his condo association. All entries will be judged by Lynch himself, and the winner will receive a box of doll heads covered in fire ants...probably. For more information, watch the video, or visit genero.tv. (MovieLine)