David Letterman Gives Craig Ferguson A Half-Assed Send-Off

He reads a middling goodbye from cue cards. With news that Craig Ferguson was retiring at year's end, most would think that David Letterman would be a little gracious and emotional regarding the news, seeing as how Letterman is his lead in and serves as the head of the production studio of Ferguson's show. Nope. David Letterman read from a cue card like he was reading that a woman in Missouri drove her tractor to work in a hailstorm or something. The whole video is pretty odd, but Letterman is pretty odd as well, so perhaps it's to be expected. You'd think that Letterman, a man whose cycnicism is punctuated by moments of sincerity, would be able to at least make eye contact to the camera at some point, but no. Anyway, we'll give you a marginally better send-off here, Craig: For ten years, you were a refreshing, sincere, and charming presence in the late night landscape. Go doing something more interesting now.

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Get Familiar With James Corden, The Guy Who Will Be Replacing Craig Ferguson On CBS

He seems like someone I'd sit on a couch and talk to. CBS is returning to Britain to find their Craig Ferguson replacement for The Late Show, and they've found him in affable writer/producer James Corden. Corden has appeared in films such as The Three Musketeers, Gavin and Stacey, and is appearing in the upcoming Into the Woods. That might not be terribly helpful in learning more about this dude, so we gave a clip of Corden as a guest on a talk show, so just imagine he's sitting on the other side and someone like, I dunno, Jason Segel is sitting where he is, promoting some movie. I don't know if this will endear Corden to viewers any more or less, but he's also got a background in musical theater, so there will also probably be lots of...singing. Huh.


Jimmy Kimmel Choked Up A Little Praising David Letterman

You can't fake having a "L8 Nite" license plate on your first car. While all talk show hosts have a debt of gratitude and respect to David Letterman, none have exhibited the outward fandom that Jimmy Kimmel has for the late night mainstay. And while tonight Kimmel is airing a rerun out of respect for Letterman's last show, last night he sang the man's praises. And it was pretty damn heartwarming. You'll find in this video that Kimmel's words are way more than just diplomacy. Pretty cool sendoff to a worthy recipient.


Jim Carrey Tested David Letterman For Ebola; Letterman Comes Up Negative

His methods seem sound. Jim Carrey has been known for his over-the-top persona since he broke into Hollywood. Even after a decade of bizarre, and often unpopular movie choices, he still seems to have kept the mania well into his Dumb and Dumber To press tour. Last night, he stopped in NYC to grace David Letterman with his presence. And as long as Carrey was within arm's reach of the host, he figured he would give him a quick Ebola test. What a trooper. It looks like David Letterman is negative, but that doesn't mean he's going to be keeping up his hosting gig any longer than planned. Maybe if we gave him some stem cells... (People)


Enjoy The Awkwardness With This Compilation Of Letterman's Weirdest Guests

Watching him was more fun than watching the guests. Perhaps what made Letterman stand out amongst the sea of other talk show hosts was that he didn't suffer fools gladly. If someone was being weird or difficult, David Letterman would push and poke at them, rather than serve as their doormat. Sometimes it was too much for viewers to bear so close to bedtime, but sometimes it just made for captivating television. We knew that if anyone was going to serve as a stand-in for the viewer to push back against indulgent celebrities, it would be Dave. So here's a montage of his weirdest guests. As fun as the guests are to watch and mock, it's just as fun to watch David Letterman push back with that "What in the hell...?" look on his face. Here it is: (A.V. Club)


Daniel Craig Freaks Out In 'Dream House' Trailer

He struggles with the problems of home ownership. Jim Sheridan is back on the scene with Dream House, another odd entry to his list of latter films. After his Oscar nominated In America, Sheridan naturally went off and made a movie starring 50 Cent. He then directed Brothers, which wasn't so much bad as it was an unnecessary remake. Now comes Dream House, a psychological thriller starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz that far too closely resembles Shutter Island. A man moves into a home with his wife and kids only to discover that the previous residents were murdered there. Instead of first bitching out the real estate agent for not utilizing full disclosure, he delves head first into a tangled mystery that brings his sanity into question. If you need other questions answered, just watch the trailer. It pretty much gives away everything.


Against All Odds, The Trailer For 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Looks Very, Very Funny

The joke might be old, but it can still be funny. Hot Tub Time Machine, when it first came out, read like one of those one-note Snakes on a Plane gimmicks that would be good for a laugh, then forgettable. So going back to the well for a sequel sounded ominous. Happy to report that, upon seeing the trailer for this sequel, I was wrong... DEAD wrong. (Not really. Just regular wrong.) The sequel fulfills an urge we always have with time-travel movies: To see the protagonists use the mechanism for crazy personal gain. It's perhaps the only highlight of Back to the Future 2, aside from Hoverboards, and this movie seems dedicated to that idea.We shared a different trailer back at Comic-Con, but this one seems to give a better snapshot of the film. We then go into the future with these guys, only to see that things hadn't worked out as they'd hoped. So they time-travel around trying to fix what went wrong. Oh, and it's got Adam Scott.


Stern Calls Leno "Horrible" On 'Letterman', Leno Cries Himself To Sleep

Stern also thinks that during last year's Superbowl commercial, Letterman should have "finish[ed] him off" when he had the chance. I'd watch that this year. Conan O'Brien has a new show. Jay Leno got his old job back, albeit in the most snakish way imaginable. David Letterman has probably dropped something crazy off a rooftop recently. Yes, more than a year later, everybody's moved on from the late night wars, except for shock jock Howard Stern. Of course, Stern was never a part of the wars to begin with, but like the kid who tells his friend to fight a bully because his DS broke and he's bored, Stern was on "Letterman" recently, goading him to retake the late night ratings crown from Mister Evilchin. In the clip above, Stern says Leno is "horrible" and "talentless," and Letterman only laughed in response. We used Google Translator to convert Nervous Laughter into English, and Letterman's response was, "duh, but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, cause I don't want to get uncomfortable looks from Rickey Minor at parties." Stern also thinks that during last year's Superbowl commercial, Letterman should have "finish[ed] him off" when he had the chance. I'd watch that this year. Of course, we've already seen the results of a full on Leno / Letterman battle, and it ain't pretty for either host. (CBS News)


'Wild Card' Trailer: Jason Statham Is Beating Up Bad Guys In Vegas This Time

When evil happens in Vegas, he slays in Vegas. We all know this plot by now. Some misguided thug beats up a woman who knows Jason Statham. He's then forced to maim and kill that thug's anonymous henchmen by a) judo chopping them in the throat, b) throwing them through glass, c) using an everyday object like a bicycle, belt, or luggage handle to beat them up, and d) all of the above simultaneously. All leading up to his headbutting to death their ringleader. There's no problem this man can't solve with a headbutt. However, something about this hackneyed, well-trodden path seems fresh, compelling, and original. Can't quite put my finger on it.