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David Hyde Pierce Goes Ballistic In ‘The Perfect Host’ (Trailer)

If you have seen “Frasier,” you know that one shouldn’t get in the way of David Hyde Pierce and one of his dinner parties. Unfortunately for Clayne Crawford, that’s exactly what happens when the his fugitive character ducks into Pierce’s house to hide out from the police. Pierce has his way with the hapless intruder, all the while preparing for his party. The Perfect Host seems to be an amalgam of “Frasier,” Falling Down, and Swimming with Sharks. In other words, lots and lots of black comedy coming from a prissy little man.

Those who know David Hyde Pierce only through his Frasier work will be pleased to know that he has a bit of a slapstick side that has come through via his work on”The Simpsons,” Wet Hot American Summer, and his turn hosting”Saturday Night Live.”

Watch his descent into madness here and fall in love with this tiny man all over again.

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