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Crying Guy Helps Out Harry and the Hendersons

Harry Hendersons Best Cry Mash Up – Watch more Funny Videos

Crying Guy feels your pain, Harry.

(special thanks to Mark from Found Footage Fest for the assist)

These links will cheer you up.

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Porn Star Rescues Man from Jail Sentence (Asylum)

Jim Carrey is Acting Weirder Than Usual (PopEater)

25 Ladies in Corsets (HolyTaco)

Pete Hammond’s an’Iron Man 2‘ Whore (FilmDrunk)

Werner Herzog Reads Where’s Waldo (Unreality)

Girl + Fitness Ball = Epic Face Plant (TotalProSports)

If Ninjas Made a Wall Callendar (Maxim)

Josh Barnett Plans His Fak Fighting Future (CagePotato)

Leighton Meester Long Legs Megapost (CelebJihad)

13 People Over 100 Doing Crazy Stuff (Smosh)

10 Hottest Gingers (Pajiba)

Mustache Gun (Atom)

Cheapest Workouts fro Men (MadeMan)

What It’s Like to Ride in a Stock Car (AllLeftTurns)


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