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Courteney Cox Does ‘Cougar Town’

Ever since I saw her in Masters of the Universe when I was a kid I always imaged Courteney Cox as being the girl next door.  One thing is for damn sure I never imaged how much of a cougar she would turn out to be. MEOW / ROAR! Hopefully this new neighbor needs a lawn boy! Here’s some links to help keep your mind out of the gutter.

Courteney Cox to star in ABC pilot Cougar Town (EW)

Robert Downey Jr. talks Iron Man 2 recast (Filmonic)

It Puts the Lungren in its movie(Filmdrunk)

Friends with benefits wedding (Collegehumor)

Cameron’s Avatar to be in IMAX 3D (Comingsoon)

Star Wars toaster (Reghardware)

Can I stop being president now? (TheOnion)

Sam Mendes talks Preacher (Empire)

Clive Barker’s Blood trailer (Dreadcentral)

New photos from Arnofsky’s The Wrestler (/film)

30 Days of Night Sequel? (Joblo)

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