Count The Rom-Com Cliches In 'New Year's Eve' Trailer

Attractive people struggle to find love. Just like real life!

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This Guy Might Be The Actual, Real-Life Peter Griffin

A pretty dubious distinction, but cool nonetheless. So this is a dude in suburban PA who is doing a bit of stand-up to warm a modest crowd up for a costume contest. Not exactly newsworthy, right? Except this guy looks and acts EXACTLY like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. And his jokes actually aren't half-bad provided you can withstand the predictable barrage of Family Guy references (which, honestly, I can't). Now that this is off our list, we can go find an actual Cleveland to antagonize.


Rom-Coms Are So Generic And Bland In Generic And Bland Rom-Com 'Playing It Cool'

Meta. In the wake of the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers leaves the elite global security organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. to pursue his Tinseltown dreams of writing action movies. Teaming once again with Falcon (this time as his agent and manager), Cap is up against perhaps his greatest foe yet - writing a romantic comedy. But what business does the First Avenger have penning a chapter in the Book of Love? Well, after spending decades in a block of ice, this unfrozen super-soldier knows a thing or two about Playing It Cool.


Watch Katie Couric Tell 'CBS Evening News' She's "Audi 5000"

Here's Couric's hoopla-free sign-off to "CBS Evening News," coming after just five years. When Katie Couric became the first solo woman anchor for a major network, there was a lot of hoopla. I mean, a shit-ton of hoopla. Above is Couric's hoopla-free sign-off to "CBS Evening News," coming after just five years. She talks about how much more awesome past anchor's sign-off lines were, and fails to come up with a cooler one. How about: "Katie Couric Just Came Atcha - With News." That would have been perfect, but oh well. The ratings for Couric's era have not been good, so now she's in talks to host a syndicated afternoon talk show for ABC. Couric's highlight reel as an anchor includes her infamous Sarah Palin interview, where she "trapped" Palin by asking what newspapers she reads. She also interviewed the regular crew of White House misfits, like President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. If you actually watch the evening news on broadcast TV, you may or may not miss her. I won't speak for you - you'll have to look into your heart and decide. Scott Pelley will replace Couric starting June 6th.


Latest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Focuses On Alice Eve In Underwear (And Reveals Benedict Cumberbatch's Character)

Plus, an Easter Egg! We've seen a few trailers at this point and heard all of the rumors but now, thanks to this UK trailer, we finally see the proof with our own eyes and ears. Alice Eve does indeed show up in skimpy underwear in Star Trek Into Darkness. Oh, and the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain is revealed at long last. Cumberbatch plays John Harrison, a top Starfleet agent who is now dedicated to f*cking up their sh*t. Against Starfleet's wishes, Chris Pine's Kirk vows to bring Harrison to justice. The young captain seems in over his head as his reckless pursuit of the terrorist puts his crew and loved ones in jeopardy. Now, back to Alice Eve in her underwear. The not-easily-distracted folks at TrekMovie noticed an URL hidden in the shot of Ms. Eve showing off her space panties which did not lead to more pictures of Eve sadly. Instead, it revealed the film's new international poster. How did I not notice that? Just think of all the coded messages I may have missed by oogling actresses in their underwear all these years?


60 Years In The Making: 'The Honeymoaners'

If only my grandma could have lived to see this. A few weeks back, I complained about the trailer for The Graduate XXX porn parody, claiming that the adult entertainment industry had officially run out of parody ideas. Well, perhaps I was a little too quick to judge, because we now have The Honeymoaners, a parody of the beloved 50's sitcom, The Honeymooners. I'm not sure a lot of 18-to-25-year-old guys (OK, let's be honest, 12-to-25-year-old guys) even know about The Honeymooners, which calls into question why anyone would parody it. But that fact aside, at least The Honeymooners lends itself to a funny name, and that's all a successful porn parody really needs! Well, that and some hot chicks, I suppose. This film even works in a porn parody of a classic 50's game show (The $69,000 question). Now that's dedication. In “The Honeymoaners,” Ralph Kramden, everybody’s favorite loveable loser, finally gets his chance to change his luck as a contestant on the television quiz show, "The $69,000 Question.” After overhearing the category of questions to test his knowledge, Ralph turns to his best friend Norton to teach him everything he knows about SEX! Together the boisterous big guy and sex-witted sidekick study their local horny hookers, slutty neighbor, and even their wild wives, Alice and Trixie. Ralph may finally hit the jackpot… or he may be left holding his own buzzer. I can't believe they didn't make a "pow, right the kisser joke," but I guess Family Guy beat them to it.


Trailer For 'The Bang Bang Club' Offers Attractive Actors, Bad Accents

Apparently only good-looking people were allowed to photograph South Africa after apartheid. I had no idea. I'm not down on Ryan Phillipe, Malin Akerman, or the abtastic Taylor Kitsch, but they aren't known as acting chameleons along the lines of Christian Bale or Gary Oldman, so to ask all three to adopt the notoriously difficult South African accent is a tall order. One that, predictably, goes unfilled in The Bang Bang Club. The movie center on photographers with the high-risk assignment of documenting the end of apartheid in South Africa in the early 90's. What could have been a compelling narrative ends up looking like the Deep Impact to The Blood Diamond's Armageddon. Phillipe, you're plenty handsome and a fine actor, but you're no Leo DiCaprio. Taylor Kitsch, you're plenty handsome...(awkward silence). If this was a fictional story, it wouldn't fall quite short of expectations (based on this trailer, anyway) but as the subject matter is real, it feels like the team fell short of their goal. Apparently only good-looking people were allowed to photograph South Africa after apartheid. I had no idea. (Playlist)