‘Conan The Barbarian’ Is Smokin’ In Teaser Trailer

There are some gray dudes, a slave lady, and a nice helping of sword sound effects. So far, so good. The teaser trailer for Conan The Barbarian is online and it's smokin'. No, not in a The Mask kind of way, with the Tex Avery impressions and the "Cuban Pete." I just mean there's literally a lot of smoke in the trailer for some reason. Nothing says "from an ancient time" like "here is a shit-load of smoke." Also featured: some gray dudes, a hot slave lady, and a nice helping of sound effects from the "Battles, Magic, and Swordplay: Movie Sound Effects Library." Seriously, though, the trailer did pique my curiosity, and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Hopefully with less smoke and more folks. Topless folks, that is. Conan The Barbarian is directed by Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and stars Jason "Tempted" Momoa as the non-Arnold barbarian. The cast also includes Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan, and Stephen Lang. The film brutally invades theaters August 19th in 3D. (Collider)

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UK Trailer Provides A Less Bloody Look At 'Conan the Barbarian'

Plot points? Apparently this film isn't all just random violence. The new UK trailer for Conan the Barbarian gives us a new look at Marcus Nispel's film. This time, the focus shifts from watching dudes and monsters getting hacked to pieces to story details for some reason. Here we see Stephen Lang chewing the scenery as the angel of death that kills Conan's father and thus sets the young barbarian on his path. There's also a lot of sword swinging, knife throwing, monster-battling, and text set against a fiery background for all you barbarian purists.


Grunt Along With ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Trailer

Oh the whipping! The new Conan the Barbarian trailer is up and running, and it's got violence, erotica, and snake pits. Just like my dreams. Of course, with films of this nature, conveying the plot in the trailer is not exactly job one. "Job one" in this instance appears to be "showing all the explosions, monsters, and creepy dudes that Conan has to deal with while he does what he do." There's a lot going on, but see if you can pick a favorite character. Mine's "whip guy" at :30 in. Who's yours?


Jason Momoa Talks About 'Conan', 'Expendables', And Beer

Momoa sounds a little cocky. You'd be cocky too if you were Conan. Superficially, Jason Momoa sounds like a real privileged jerk during his Q&A at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. Note the "sounds like." For a muscular dude, recently greeted with success, it's easy to dismiss his fame as the result of dumb luck and...maybe dumb person. However, in context, his self-aggrandizing proclamations aren't only legit, but they're somewhat endearing. The guys wants little more than to enjoy his success (He's the first one to ridicule the fact that he was on Baywatch. Cause if he didn't, we would), and to drink two buckets of beer in Austin before staying up all night and catching a flight to New York for more junkets for Conan. Perhaps if this was a higher quality video, it would resonate more. But the fact remains that the guy caught a wave of luck recently, playing a (rather) silent giant in Game of Thrones, and now headlining a potential franchise as Conan. If you're not a fan of the genre or his "acting," it's understandable. But don't fault the guy for playing it too cool while riding a wave of success. Sure. We all hate this type of guy. But if you're will to invest $11 in Conan, or an hour in an episode of Game of Thrones, reserve judgment on the guy that manges to entertain, no matter how big his muscles are, or how long his hair is. In the interest of full disclosure, all SJ employees agree - his hair is too long, and his muscles too big. (Editor's Note: The editor fears Jason Monmoa, and thinks he should wear his hair any way he wants.)


New ‘Paul’ Clips: Kristen Wiig’s A Lot Funnier After Smoking Alien Weed

Comic-Con, secret government alien (?) weed, girl-on-robot sex: these are the topics that all movies should be discuss. We've got some new clips from Team Hot Fuzz's upcoming film Paul (courtesy of British sites Empire and Sky). Simon Pegg and Nick Frost never fail to disappoint, though I have to admit, I've had my doubts about this project. No Edgar Wright directing, an alien that's just Seth Rogen as an alien (they could have slapped some antennae on him and saved a space ton of CG money) and a big part for Kristen Wiig, the SNL cast member who I've fast-forwarded past so many times, my TiVO does it for me now. However, in these clips, I can see the elements working together nicely. Comic-Con, secret government alien (?) weed, girl-on-robot sex: these are the topics that all movies should discuss. Plus director Greg Mottola shot Superbad, which I continue to McLovin, despite how dated that reference has already become. Paul will beam you into theaters March 18. (JoBlo)


Jenna Fischer Attempts Maximum Quirkitude In 'A Little Help' Trailer

Jenna Fischer stars as a newly single mom, whose lousy ex-husband Chris O'Donnell dies and goes to Bat Heaven. I think the handwritten lettering they use in all trailers for indie movies must be called "MandatoryQuirkyTitle Font" or something. Once you see that title style, you know you've got to unfold your lawn chair and watch the quirk parade. In the trailer above for A Little Help, Jenna Fischer stars as a newly single mom, whose lousy ex-husband Chris O'Donnell dies and goes to Bat Heaven. Now she's got to raise an eccentric kid all by herself, and there's a pretty funny 9/11 subplot. I realize that might sound awful, especially the way I phrased it, but it works in the trailer. She also falls in love with her ex-high school sweetheart, who's also her sister's husband, which I'm sure won't complicate matters at all. Personally, I like Jenna Fischer and could stand to see more of her, in non-Pam Halpert roles. Will this Michael J. Weithorn (King of Queens) directed fil break her out as a movie star? I don't think so, though I'd definitely buy a ticket if she re-wears her Blades of Glory attire in the movie. That's-a nice-a outfit.


Conan's 'Walking Dead' Episode Intro Is Perfect

And it didn't even involve bear masturbation. In order to kick off last night's special Walking Dead-themed episode of Conan, Coco visited the backwoods of Georgia to show how the late night host fared during the Zombie Apocalypse. It's incredibly well-done. All in all, I find Zombie Conan much more enjoyable than Zombie Jay Leno. My only qualm is that we didn't get to see a zombified Masturbating Bear. But that's really more of an issue for me to take up with science.


'Captain America' Trailer Preview Almost Ruined By "Entertainment Tonight"

This trailer-preview-thing for director Joe Johnston's 'Captain America' comes courtesy of "E.T.," who got their glitziness and excessive voice over all over Cap's shield. Can't wait for the full Captain America: The First Avenger trailer to drop? Here's something to tide you Marvel-loving nerd soldiers over: a preview video for the trailer. That's right, it's a preview designed to hype an upcoming trailer. 2012 is getting closer and closer, folks. This trailer-preview-thing for director Joe Johnston's Captain America comes courtesy of "Entertainment Tonight," who got their glitziness and excessive voice over all over Cap's shield. Disgusting. However, to quote the great Homer Simpson, "it's still good. It's still good." We've also got a very, very short clip from the trailer off Paramount's Twitter feed. If you blink and press play at the same time, you'll miss what happens. Better get the clothespins out for those pesky eyelids. (Cinema Blend)


'Insidious, Chapter 2' Trailer: More Cost-Effective Scares

More haunted, non CGI hijinx. When the first Insidious ended with a horrible, violent murder, we all knew that there was more trouble in store for America's Most Haunted. The characters in the film somehow didn't get that memo though, as the trailer for Insidious, Chapter 2 finds them trying to get on with their lives only to be surprised when an ass ton of ghosts descend on their grandma's house in order to slam doors and dick around with the baby monitor. It's more cost-effective scares as more haunted happenings return us to The Further in this micro-budget sequel. I'm psyched but it's not a good sign when you want to slap the characters based off the trailer. Rose Byrne (panicked): It's still happening! Patrick Wilson: What is? Rose Byrne: My yeast infection. Patrick Wilson: .... Rose Byrne: Ghosts, dummy!