Competitive 'Bearding' Gets A Reality Show: May Their Song Never Die

Beards: Still just for weirdos anymore. Don't believe what the news outlets tell you. We are in the middle of a war in our own backyard. A whisker war. A winner-take-all battle royale to determine who can groom themselves the cuh-raziest beard of the bunch. Fortunately, the heroes that fall in this war will not go unsung, as IFC has pledged to provide comprehensive coverage of the Great Beard Wars with its upcoming reality show "Whisker Wars." If you're worried it's not going to be wildly homoerotic, breathe easy, as it comes to us from the executive producer of "Deadliest Catch" and "Ice Road Truckers." And it's a TV show about facial hair grooming. And if you're worried that a man won't get his beard caught in a goat's horn or his zipper, well, this show has you covered on those fronts as well.