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‘Community’ News: A Clip, A Club, And A Whole Lotta Abed

Danny Pudi, who plays audience surrogate Abed on “Community,” recently sat down with Vulture to discuss what lies ahead in coming episodes and the show’s fate at the end of the season. And he’s very informative about the former.

“Community,” despite almost universal critical acclaim, has had a hard time finding its audience. (Sound familiar?) Consequently, it’s uncertain when, if ever, the show will get picked up for season three. Pudi thinks the cast will know sometime next month, but with Comcast‘s recent takeover of NBC, even that timeframe is uncertain.

In the nearer term, Pudi revealed buddies Abed and Troy get involved in a congenial love triangle in next week’s Valentine’s Day episode, Abed’s having a birthday, Abed and Troy get on campus TV, and Abed takes a class on “Who’s The Boss?” Apparently, he only likes to talk about the things that are happening to his character in future episodes. What a narcissist. And, piling on the Abed in this piece, we have the above clip where Abed speaks “gnome.” There’s your Abed fix, dear readers.

In non-Abed-related “Community” news, it seems that a devoted fan of the show took out a Craigslist ad to start his own study group to “meet and have crazy-cool adventures.” He said that any takers can fill any role on the show, except for Abed. This guy called Abed. I guess this is Abed-related “Community” news after all. Oh well.

Here’s a screencap of the post. Double click the image to enlarge. (Vulture)

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