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Colbert and 24 Special Lead the Weekend

With Jack Bauer singlehandedly saving basically all of Africa’s children in his first TV movie, followed by Stephen Colbert taking Christmas way over the top, TV is more than worth watching this weekend. An extra bonus: Kiefer Sutherland is a guest on The Conan O’Brien Show tonight at 12:35AM on NBC, along with Tenacious D. Here’s some more ways to stay busy.


Television to see

24:Redemption. Airs Sunday Nov. 23, 8PM on FOX

A Colbert Christmas:The Greatest Gift of All! Airs Sunday Nov. 23, 10PM on Comedy Central

For Those Patrons of the Theatre

This weekend Hollywood is catering towards the youngsters with the Disney animated movie Bolt (about a Travolta-voiced dog who thinks he has super powers) and Twilight (abou high school in love with a vampire). Bolt could be fun, in an Ice Age-y sort of way. Twilight had slight chance to be cool, but from what we’ve heard it’s getting lukewarm reviews. But don’t do anything rash (like reading), for these fine alternatives, although no new releases, will fill the void:

Quantum of Solace

Role Models

Zach and Miri

New DVD Releases

It’s a big week for DVD’s with three solid showings. For those in need of a comedy, choos Tropic Thunder. For those in need of the feel good movie of the year that still entertains, choos Wall-E. And for those of you who actually know who Hunter S. Thompson was, then you have no excuse for not having seen Gonzo. It’s one of the best movies of the year.

Tropic Thunder


Gonzo:The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Enjoy the weekend, Junkies.

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