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Clive Owen Did A Burger King Commercial In Spanish

From the “Why Not Post This” Dept. comes this video for Burger King starring (apparently former) movie star Clive Owen. I don’t remember much from high school Spanish, but the video features a dapper Owen walking through various luxurious locations while, and again, I’m rusty, but I think he’s saying “Hello, I’m Clive Owen. Have you been to one of those Burger King places? They’re OK.”

It’s not totally unheard of for big movie stars to do commercials overseas, usually on the condition that they never be seen in the United States (hello, Internet). Still, this seems like a step down for Clive Owen, who nevertheless has a big slate of films coming up for 2012. Hopefully things will look up for the guy – I’d hate to run into him at Burger King, that would be really uncomfortable for everyone. (The Playlist)

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