Claire Danes Wars On Terror In ‘Homeland’ Teaser

Claire Danes is running around accusing people of being terrorists. Terror has a new enemy and her name is Claire Danes. In the teaser for Showtime's "Homeland," Danes stars as a CIA somebody keeping tabs on the Damian Lewis' recently-released prisoner of war. America regards him as a hero after his crappy stay with the Taliban, but Danes is afraid he could be the ultimate sleeper agent. After all, nobody would ever expect a redhead could be an extremist. Will she be able to uncover his so-called terrorist life? The teaser has everything you'd expect: torture, surveillance, gnarly beards, politicians, and of course, secret meet-ups on park benches. The CIA should really get around to putting microphones in park benches.

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We've Got The Second Season Premiere Of 'Homeland' For You To Watch

It's legal, so it's guilt-free! With last season's finale leaving us with electro-shock therapy and treason of the highest order, last night's Homeland season two premiere was widely those who had Showtime. Those who didn't had to wallow in their own envy and self-pity. Until now. Taking cues from high school drug dealers the world over, Showtime has magnanimously offered "the first one's on us," posting last night's episode on YouTube so that any yahoo with an Internet connection can watch the show and see what the fuss is about. Their gesture also allows self-serving websites like Screen Junkies to embed the video in our site, tricking the most gullible readers into thinking that we're somehow the reason they get to see Homeland for free. It works out pretty well for everyone. Enjoy.


'Homeland' Season 3 Trailer Has Lots Of Sad People

Looks like a lot of healing is going on. Judging from this long, emotionally exhausting trailer, we see that the folks from Homeland are recovering from just about everything that's rocked them over the past two seasons. Brody's family is more or less in mourning, Carrie's heartbroken, Saul is playing his usual Eeyore self, and Brody's a man on the move. I'm not too eager to share my thoughts on the plot of season three because a) who the hell knows, and b) I don't want to spoil anything for those who aren't caught up. So watch the trailer and see if you can make some sense of what's going on.


Knight Rider Rescues Vanessa Williams From Terrorists

We are still in the days of TV experimentation, and tonight just may be the riskiest decision. Yep, we're watching Knight Rider, because it's been written up as being "nothing more than car-porn," or being "so delectably bad that you have to watch it just to tell your grandchildren that you were there," and because tonight's episode involves rescuing Vanessa Williams from terrorists. To cleanse the palate, VH1 is offering the 40 greatest pranks of all-time.


Watch The Season 3 'Homeland' Premiere On YouTube...RIGHT NOW

If you don't remember, we ended season two with quite the predicament. Showtime has a sort of established practice of putting up the first one or two episodes of their shows on YouTube every season. And...they did it with Homeland last night, lest you were unavailable to watch it, and forgot that DVR exists. Nonetheless, it's out there, it takes another surprising turn, and it looks like the dynamic between Brody and Carrie has once again been turned on his head. I'd say more, but then what would be the point of watching this episode that Showtime was nice enough to give to us for free?


Watch British Things Explode This Time In 'London Has Fallen' Teaser

Look kids, Big Ben! Disgraced former Secret Service agent Gerard Butler exceeded expectations when he single handedly protected the President from White House attacking terrorists in Olympus Has Fallen, which exceeded expectations in its own right at the box office. Which means its London's turn to get blown up in the sequel, London Has Fallen. This time around, Butler and Aaron Eckhart's President Asher are in London to attend the Prime Minister's funeral, when Butler uncovers a plan to assassinate the assembled world leaders all at once. This is why I prefer to attend funerals via Skype. It's safer and you don't have to wear pants.


'Divorce Court' Husband Accuses Wife Of Sleeping With The Entire Wu Tang Clan

In the case of 'Is The Wu Tang Something To Fuk Wit?' Recently on Divorce Court, a man accused his wife of cheating on him with the entire Wu Tang Clan. His claim is somewhat grounded in reality, as she did go backstage at a Wu Tang concert, then on their bus, and then back to their hotel where she stayed until 7am... "talking about politics." And we're to believe she didn't get a craving for Oreo's? It's hard to pick a side in this case. On the one hand, no one really knows what happened that night and it is possible she found the Wu-Tang Clan to be something to fuk wit. But I doubt she slept with the entire Wu Tang Clan. What are the odds that the entire Wu Tang Clan even showed up to one of their concerts?


Stephen Colbert Blasts Pitchfork For Accusing His Publicity Stunt Of Being A Publicity Stunt

Even though it totally was. Stephen Colbert was appalled when Daft Punk canceled on him at the last minute in order to fulfill their long-standing obligation of appearing on MTV's Video Music Awards. So appalled that he blasted the Comedy Central sister channel and was able to round up recent guests Jeff Bridges, Hugh Laurie, and Bryan Cranston to join him for an epic lip sync to the French duo's "Get Lucky". All before hiring Thicke at the last minute in what probably wasn't an awkward negotiation at all. Anyway, Pitchfork called shenanigans on this obvious shenanigry. What you see above is Stephen Colbert's response. I say let's not get lost in the details and all agree that we'd like to go to a wedding with Stephen Colbert. His dance moves are hot fire.