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Cinemax’s ‘Strike Back’ Puts Brits And An American On The Heels Of Terrorists

Oh, terrorists! When will you learn that you’ll never win against the good guys, especially when the good guys are a U.S. Special Forces operative and a crack British military team?

Such is the plot of Strike Back, a joint venture between HBO/Cinemax and Britain‘s Sky that is will continue its ten-episode first season with episode 2 this Friday, August 19th at 10 PM Eastern on Cinemax. The partnership gives the series a very international feel in the style of the Bourne franchise. The show’s quick pace takes the team from South Africa to India to Chechnya to England. Bring your passport.

We’ve got a clip for you, but first a little background courtesy of the show’s producers:

The team that tracks the terrorists is Section 20, an elite military black ops unit within the British government that focuses on high-risk, top-priority targets. When one of their own is captured and held hostage, the group enlists the help of Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), a former Delta Force operative who is familiar with the terrorists. Although he has good instincts and skills, his cocky style is often at odds with the more formal team, especially the more by-the-book Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester).

If you like the type of shows in which guys are pulling bullets out of each other’s legs, then this is probably for you.

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