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Christina Ricci To Star As Yellow Crayon

Me, In Kindergarten: “I LOVE the color yellow.” Girl sitting next to me: “Yeah, well why don’t you marry it?” Me: “Listen, I know we’re both young but we’re smart enough to understand that it’s legally and much less physically implausible to marry a color.” Girl sitting next to me: “Shut up, you’re stupid.” 23 years later and she’s right. I want to marry the color yellow.

Colorful character for Christina Ricci (Empire)


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Hex director exits (Joblo)


Discovery series set to explode (HollywoodReporter)


Coraline trailer online (Empire)


The X-Men go back to school (CHUD)


New Night at the Museum sequel photos (Comingsoon)

And Yestrdays News, which we never got around to reporting. You can blame me, or you can blame whoever invented Jameson, or you can blame both of us.

Trey Parker on South Park 2 (Joblo)

At least there’s Kate Beckinsale (Filmdrunk)

Star Trek 90210 (CollegeHumor)

Director hosts Terminator preview (BBC)

Van Damme hits on reporter mid-interview (HR)

Guide to killing zombies in Left 4 Dead (Wired)

Rob Zombie talks new album, song, and movies (BD)

Gale Anne Hurd to produce Gearhead (Empire)

TV’s hottest news anchors (Maxim)









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