Chinese News Reporter Thought A Fleshlight Was A Mushroom (VIDEO)

Now you have something to discuss over dinner with your family tonight. In breaking news from Chinese television news program Xi’an Up Close, villagers in Liucunbu have dug an ultra-rare variety of mushroom out of the ground. The mushroom is described as a “soft, slimy object that looked like a plant" and "very smooth [,] giving the feeling of a type of meat." Huh. That's interesting, I wonder what kind of mushroo-- oh OK, it's actually a Fleshlight. The clip of the news report has inevitably gone viral, as millions of people across cyberspace have taken time to laugh at those nutty Chinese news reporters who thought a sex toy was a mushroom. After learning of their mistake, the people at XATV (the station that first ran the report) issued a completely coherent apology and explanation for the mix-up:
"Caused the majority of users and open letter to the audience: you pro! The last night of a news everyone laughed. It has triggered a wide range of forwarding and comments. As our reporter was very young, worldly, this news brought to everyone the discomfort and misleading! Here, we sincerely thank you friends of our program, criticism and correction. Pro, please forgive us once negligence."
Well, I'm glad that's been cleared up. Now you have something to discuss over dinner with your family tonight, like why someone buried a Fleshlight in a rural Chinese village. (Warming Glow)

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Lots of freaks. And lots of love! After developing an iron-grip stranglehold on Sunday night television (or at least sharing its grip with HBO and Showtime), AMC wants a night all to itself, and that's shaping up to be Real Original Thursdays, during which the network will offer up some reality TV shows that supposedly won't make our eyes bleed. To give you some flavor, here's a little teaser from Freakshow, a reality program that follows Todd Ray, who runs a group of freaks (that can't be the politically correct term) that operate down on the Venice Boardwalk in LA. Take a look and see what you think. It premieres on Valentine's Day...because of all the romance.


Check Out Scary (UPDATE: Now Funny) Video Of TV Reporter Possibly Having Stroke On Air

Serene Branson is getting a lot of attention today on the internet for this video, which is from local LA coverage of last night's Grammy Awards. UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter is now saying Seren Branson didn't have a stroke, and is feeling fine. Which means this video has gone from "scary" to "hilarious." Adjust your mood clocks accordingly. Serene Branson is getting a lot of attention today on the internet for this video, which is from local LA coverage of last night's Grammy Awards. Many who have seen the video are saying she might have had a stroke, which impacts the speech center of the brain and can cause reactions similar to the one seen here. I'm not even going to make any jokes because I think this video is legitimately terrifying. I'm also seeing conflicting reports over whether or not she's in the hospital -- hopefully we'll have an update soon saying she's OK. (via The Telegraph)


Malcolm McDowell Discusses 'A Clockwork Orange'

The film's influence shocked even him. Every once in a while, Malcolm McDowell comes around for an interview about his latest film or TV show, like Gangster No. 1, the Halloween remakes, or “Heroes.” Of course the temptation is always to throw in a Clockwork Orange question. Now finally here’s a chance to talk about nothing but A Clockwork Orange. For the Stanley Kubrick film’s 40th anniversary, A Clockwork Orange makes its debut on Blu-ray. McDowell is featured in many bonus features looking back at the film, and he also gave some in person interviews at the Warner Home Video offices to support the release. I threw in a Caligula question to compare the context of another legendarily controversial Malcolm McDowell movie, but really I stuck with Clockwork Orange. I could have asked up his upcoming roles in Silent Hill 3D or Vamps but do you really need news scoops on a video game movie sequel? Better to dig into the legacy of the droogs, copycat violence and to a lesser extent, Roman orgies. A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray streets May 31 along with a Stanley Kubrick Blu-ray collection and Malcolm McDowell’s Never Apologize DVD.


Stephen Colbert and Dozens of Celebrities Sing 'We'll Meet Again' in The Colbert Report Finale [VIDEO]

The last ever episode of The Colbert Episode aired last night, which closed with host Stephen Colbert singing a tear-jerking rendition of "We'll Meet Again," accompanied by Jon Stewart, Randy Newman, Bryan Cranston, Willie Nelson, Mandy Patinkin, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sam Waterston, Jeff Daniels, Cyndi Lauper, Big Bird, Keith Olbermann, Andrew Sullivan, Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, Ric Ocasek, Charlie Rose, Michael Stipe, James Franco, Cookie Monster, Toby Keith, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Barry Manilow, David Gregory, Jeff Tweedy, Christiane Amanpour, Patrick Stewart, Andy Cohen, Arianna Huffington, Alan Alda, Cory Booker, George Lucas, Tim Meadows, Bob Costas, Elijah Wood, Henry Kissinger, Vince Gilligan, Bill Clinton, and a bunch of other people I didn't recognize because they weren't famous enough.


Earlier Reports Were Wrong, THIS Is The Greatest Event In Television History

Please inform neighbors and loved ones. Earlier reports that the Simon & Simon opening credits recreation starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm was The Greatest Event in Television History were incorrect. It is, in fact, this recreation of the Hart to Hart opening credit sequence starring beloved star Amy Poehler and working actor Scott that is The Greatest Event in Television History. I apologize for any previous confusions.


George Lucas And His Beard Discuss ‘Star Wars’ In 3D And The Delayed Live-Action TV Show

Whoever bet that he wouldn't have a beard and a plaid shirt in this interview owes me five bucks. George Lucas seems to move more slowly than other directors. Perhaps that's because his projects are more widely anticipated than everyone else's. Or maybe it's because he actually moves more slowly than anyone else. In this interview with G4's"Attack of the Show," Lucas discusses what the hold up is for "Star Wars: The Adventures Continue," and why he wasn't ready to convert the six Star Wars films to 3D...until now. As for the TV show, Lucas has 50 hours of the arc crafted, but is just waiting for production costs to become way, way, way cheaper. Like a tenth of what they are for films. So that could be a minute. Essentially, he says he plans on doing it, but stop holding your breath, because it won't happen soon. As for the 3D discussion, he says he's ready to convert for a February 10 release date for Episode I. Without getting too specific, he says he was waiting for the technology to be there, and now it's there. So it's on its way and looking good, by all accounts. If you thought Jar-Jar was up in your face before (metaphorically), wait until you see him in 3D when he's really up in your face! LITERALLY! I'm gonna go lay down. I feel sick.


Nick Offerman Shares Profound 'Shower Thoughts' With Us

"Once you have a PhD, every meeting you go to becomes a doctor's appointment." In one of the thousands of corners of Reddit, there's a subreddit (a "category," if you will) of "shower thoughts." Shower thoughts are those trivial epiphanies that you come to, then say, "Huh," as you just as quickly forget them. But not one will forget them when they come from the mouth of Nick Offerman. Mashable put together Simply Genius Shower Thoughts with Nick Offerman, and it lives up to the title. It's genius, and it's got Ron Swanson himself in a picturesque setting, spouting dime-store wisdom. Watch it, and in doing so reclaim your manhood and grow a mustache.


'Peep World' Has Some Really Funny People Ruining Dinner

A whole mess of comedians portray a dysfunctional family together to celebrate their dad's 70th birthday. This movie is so serious about its comedy that the producers got Lewis Black to do the narration for the trailer. Hip to the fact that they should probably get some funny actors as well, they set forth and returned with Rainn Wilson, Michael C. Hall (who actually is funny), Sarah Silverman, Judy Greer, Ben Schwartz, and a whole mess of others to portray a dysfunctional family together to celebrate their dad's 70th birthday. Up to this point, it sounds a bit like Arrested Development, which it totally fine, but the family starts to resent their younger brother who has aired the family's dirty laundry, albeit in a fictional fashion. In short, it's a movie about a family bickering. Which has been done to death, but not with this caliber of comedians. Would I want this cast in a movie about the atrocities of WWII? Probably not. Will I take them as bickering drunkards? Every day of the week. (Yahoo Movies!)


Cameron Crowe's 'Pearl Jam Twenty' Takes A Shocking 'Pro-Pearl Jam' Stance

This documentary harkens back to a day when musicians didn't have to wear meat dresses or shoot fireworks out of their bosom to matter. The trailer for Cameron Crowe's Pearl Jam documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, doesn't leave much to discuss, save for the hilarious opening question posed by David Lynch to a befuddled Eddie Vedder. "How old were you and where were you when music started being a thing for you?" It's a valid question, but fortunately, the rest of the trailer seems to rely much more heavily on band interviews and archive footage than it does on Mr. Lynch's inquiring mind. Of course, the trailer makes the doc out to be something of a puff piece, which is no surprise given Cameron Crowe's love of music in general and working class rock specifically. That said, the band has maintained popularity and a degree of relevance for twenty years now (hence the name) so perhaps they deserve a little love.