Chinese News Reporter Thought A Fleshlight Was A Mushroom (VIDEO)

Now you have something to discuss over dinner with your family tonight. In breaking news from Chinese television news program Xi’an Up Close, villagers in Liucunbu have dug an ultra-rare variety of mushroom out of the ground. The mushroom is described as a “soft, slimy object that looked like a plant" and "very smooth [,] giving the feeling of a type of meat." Huh. That's interesting, I wonder what kind of mushroo-- oh OK, it's actually a Fleshlight. The clip of the news report has inevitably gone viral, as millions of people across cyberspace have taken time to laugh at those nutty Chinese news reporters who thought a sex toy was a mushroom. After learning of their mistake, the people at XATV (the station that first ran the report) issued a completely coherent apology and explanation for the mix-up:
"Caused the majority of users and open letter to the audience: you pro! The last night of a news everyone laughed. It has triggered a wide range of forwarding and comments. As our reporter was very young, worldly, this news brought to everyone the discomfort and misleading! Here, we sincerely thank you friends of our program, criticism and correction. Pro, please forgive us once negligence."
Well, I'm glad that's been cleared up. Now you have something to discuss over dinner with your family tonight, like why someone buried a Fleshlight in a rural Chinese village. (Warming Glow)