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Hey, China: Mess With Our Spy Planes, But Don’t Ever Touch ‘Top Gun’

If only foreign governments could find some way to repurpose that volleyball scene. China’s state-run network, CCTV, has been accused of lifting scenes from the amazingly awesome film Top Gun and claiming it to be footage of an air force training exercise.

Pretty brazen behavior by the Chinese media. One would think they would have tested the waters with some Iron Eagle clips before co-opting the holy grail of homoerotic fighter pilot movies. Or maybe they did pass Iron Eagle clips off as news and no one really noticed, so they upped the ante this time around.

This goof is relevant to two issues in China today. First, the Chinese government has been chiding independent news outlets on fabricating stories and footage, so the fact that this act was committed by the state-run outlet is…well, it’s not great. Secondly, myriad facets of the entertainment industry have taken China to task for failing to crack down on piracy issues. This news story probably won’t help that cause either.

This should cause both US and Chinese officials to reinvestigate the validity of CCTV’s claim of a dalmatian infestation in 1996, then again in 2000. (WSJ)

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