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Charlize Theron Is All Kinds Of Crazy In ‘Young Adult’ Trailer

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Forme high school bitch Charlize Theron returns to town with her sights set on an old flame in the trailer for Jason Reitman‘s Young Adult. Reitman reteams with Diablo Cody this time but that’s where the comparisons to Juno should stop. Young Adult is said to have a much darker tone then Reitman’s previous films which this trailer doesn’t really seem to get into.

Question for you, though. Say you’re chilling in your small Minnesota town and then your crazy ex returns with hopes of ruining your marriage and whisking you away. But, she looks like Charlize Theron. Do you go for it? In this instance I say no. That’s solely due to the fact that she has a little dog she carries around with her. I’m not picking up after that thing.

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