Catsterpiece Classics Presents 'Downton Tabby'

From the makers of 'Upstairs Downstairs... With a Sh*tload of Cats'. Downton Abbey with cats. It's got sex, drama, and most importantly, a cat wearing a pretty little dress. And this cat is waaaaaaay cuter than Lady Edith. Not only is this adorable, but it perfectly sends up the events of the show. However, I do feel a bit ripped off that we didn't get to see a cat wearing a tuxedo or an O'Brien kitty wig. I'm hoping the Christmas special fulfills these needs and reinvigorates my faith in the show.

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New 'Puss In Boots' Teaser And Poster Has Adorable Kitty Action

It's like a 'Shrek' movie but without 'Shrek'. The DreamWorks Animation Shrek spin-off Puss In Boots dares to be a mainstream kids' movie with the word "Puss" in the title. I dunno, it just looks off to me. Anyway, here's a new teaser trailer, which opens with an homage to the Inception trailer and closes with a cat stunt-riding a horse. Why not? There's also a new poster which you can see below. The thing that strikes me about the poster is the tagline, "Pray for Mercy." Kind of a dark tagline for a kids' movie, isn't it? Maybe they're going for a Princess Bride vibe or something. The movie, starring Antonio Banderes, is set for a November 4 release .(via ComingSoon)


Colbie Caillat Covers 'Smelly Cat' At The NYC Central Perk Pop-Up

Let the nostalgia wash over you. In case you were hurting for 90's nostalgia, we'd like to remind you of the Friends pop-up shop that exists to commemorate the show's 20th anniversary. Of course, Gunther is gonna be there, but we're also relieved to find out that there has already been a cover of Phoebe Buffay's iconic coffeeshop anthem, "Smelly Cat." The cover was done by Colbie Caillat, who I'm unfamiliar with, but you can read about here. The experience is now complete, so you're free to fly to New York and indulge in a big latte, and maybe listen to some Dishwalla on your Discman while discussing the OJ trial. For comparison, here's the original: (THR)


Rebecca Hall Is Wearing A Waffle On Her Head

This trailer for SXSW favorite, A Bag Of Hammers, is dripping with offbeat. Like that towel your brother keeps under his bed. This trailer for SXSW favorite, A Bag Of Hammers, is dripping with offbeat. Like that towel your brother keeps under his bed. Jason Ritter and Jake Sandvig star as a pair of con men with an expertise for quirky scams - like stealing cars from funerals. They befriend the abandoned boy who lives next door before Rebecca "Wafflehead" Hall's interference causes tragedy to strike. Way to go, Wafflehead.