Cats And 'Star Wars' Finally Combine In An Effort To Break The Internet

Was only a matter of time. An unwritten law has always existed that states you can't replace Star Wars characters with their adorable cat versions. That law has been ignored and now the Internet is going to crash.

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New ‘Paul’ Trailer Crash-Lands on the Internet

Normally, a character that is completely CGI comes off as kind of corny, with a few obvious exceptions (LOTR, Avatar, etc.). But for Paul, it might actually add to the laughs. A new trailer for Paul, starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Seth Rogen has hit the Internet. The comedy tells the story of two UFO nuts who happen upon a stranded alien while traveling to Area 51. The pair decide to help the creature rather than turn him over to the authorities. Normally, a character that is completely CGI comes off as kind of corny, with a few obvious exceptions (LOTR, Avatar, etc.). But for Paul, it might actually add to the laughs. I myself once picked up an alien trying to get back to its far away home world of "Guatemala." But I was afraid it was going to lay eggs in my stomach, so I tried to beat it to death with a rake. It got away, but not before I taught it a valuable lesson about the resilience of mankind. Also, the cops came. (First Showing)


'Disconnect' Warns The Internet Will Destroy Us All

If you can see its loading screen, it's already too late. Since we  rolled our eyes and made rude gestures when Fear Dot Com tried to impart its message on us, Hollywood is once again warning that the Internet will murder us all. This time with a decidedly non-supernatural approach. Jason Bateman, who learned nothing from his experience with identity theft, is at it again. Playing with his phone like a dumb jerk while those around him get identity thefted, stalked, and Catfished. It's like Crash but trades the n-word for "nOOb," the other n-word. Though I can't imagine the pain associated with losing a loved one or my livelihood to the cruelty of the internet, Disconnect seems a bit overdramatic and forced. Or fake and gay, if you will.


'The Tourist' Trailer Travels the Internet

The Tourist hits theaters on December 10th, but the film's trailer hits your face in about 20 seconds. Staring Johnny Depp as the titular tourist and Angelina Jolie as what the Israelis like to call a "Honeypot," the film is a pulse pounding spy thriller where anything is possible, yet nothing is what it seems. The question is, who's playing who and will the hunter become the hunted? Trust no one and expect the unexpected in this mile-a-minute action packed rollercoaster ride! Have you driven a Ford lately? Only time will tell. While the trailer looks pretty cool, I have to wonder why movie spies always seem to congregate in places like Venice? That's like holding your spy convention in Disney World. Maybe it made a litte more sense during the Cold War, but at this point, it's kind of been done. Why not try somewhere a little more remote, like Burma? Yeah, there might not be as many 5-star hotels, but you don't have the full power of European law-enforcement breathing down your neck as you try to do your spy stuff. Think, people! (Coming Soon) Watch the trailer for Salt The Tourist, after the jump...


New 'Puss In Boots' Teaser And Poster Has Adorable Kitty Action

It's like a 'Shrek' movie but without 'Shrek'. The DreamWorks Animation Shrek spin-off Puss In Boots dares to be a mainstream kids' movie with the word "Puss" in the title. I dunno, it just looks off to me. Anyway, here's a new teaser trailer, which opens with an homage to the Inception trailer and closes with a cat stunt-riding a horse. Why not? There's also a new poster which you can see below. The thing that strikes me about the poster is the tagline, "Pray for Mercy." Kind of a dark tagline for a kids' movie, isn't it? Maybe they're going for a Princess Bride vibe or something. The movie, starring Antonio Banderes, is set for a November 4 release .(via ComingSoon)


The 'Star Wars' Porn Parody Looks Funnier Than The 'Family Guy' One

This won't ruin your childhood as badly as the prequels did. Vivid Video's porn version of Stars Wars prides itself on having the highest budget ever for an X-rated spoof. From watching this trailer, I'd estimate it around 4,000 bucks. Though this trailer doesn't hint at any of the sexy escapades that the rebel forces take part in, I'd totally see this. In fact, just cut out all the parts with wangs ding-donging around and I'd be a regular viewer of XXX parodies. The cheap effects combined with the bad acting and C-3PO's sassiness are a winning combo. Are we certain that there is any sex in this movie? Maybe we're confused and XXX means bad effects and direction. If so, Van Helsing was erroneously rated. (Topless Robot)


'Star Wars: Episode VII' Trailer Also Gets The 'Spaceballs' Treatment

The Schwartz Awakens? Word on the geek street is that the new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is set to become the most-viewed movie trailer of all time. No surprise there; it's Star Wars. It should also be no surprise that the trailer is being recut, effed-with, and parodied in just about every way imaginable. And this time, it's Filmgeekery doing Spaceballs, the Mel Brooks parody of the original three Star Wars installments. The trailer is really just Spaceballs set to the sounds and dialogue of the new film. And if you don't like this, you're a joyless monster.