Cathartic News: Robert Pattinson Gets Beaten Up In ‘Water For Elephants’

If you've ever thought, "it'd be fun to beat the sh*t out of Robert Pattinson," you'll be jealous of a few lucky actors cast in 'Water For Elephants.'
If you've ever thought, "it'd be fun to beat the shit out of Robert Pattinson," you'll be jealous of a few lucky actors cast in Water For Elephants. Directed by Francis Lawrence’s (I Am Legend), co-starring Reese Witherspoon, Pattinson tells an Entertainment Tonight reporter (ugh) that he's gonna get his sparkly vampire butt kicked in the film.
Anytime there's any sort of love scene or anything, I always end up getting beaten up... Our most romantic moment [in the movie] is me getting beaten up by about ten guys.
If you can withstand the full-on "glitz" of ET - I literally cringed all the way through - you can see the whole interview above. If you'd rather see Legally Blonde get into a cat fight, that may or may not happen to Pattinson's new love interest in the movie. However, in real life, hundreds of crazy Team Edward tweens are probably waiting for Witherspoon to let her guard down in a parking lot, where they will mercilessly pounce on her, attempt to suck her blood, then get tazed by her bodyguard, who was just in the Starbucks for, like, a second. Below is the synopsis for Water For Elephants, stampeding over Pattinson and into theaters soon. (Collider)
Veterinary school student Jacob (Pattinson) meets and falls in love with Marlena (Witherspoon), a star performer in a circus of a bygone era. They discover beauty amidst the world of the Big Top, and come together through their compassion for a special elephant. Against all odds – including the wrath of Marlena’s charismatic but dangerous husband, August (Christopher Waltz) – Jacob and Marlena find lifelong love.

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Robert Pattinson Rides Elephants, Reese Witherspoon

Do you like water? Do you like elephants? Do you like that pale dude from Twilight? Well, two out of three ain't bad, so watch this trailer for Water for Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon. Do you like water? Do you like elephants? Do you like that pale dude from Twilight? Well, two out of three ain't bad, so watch this trailer for Water for Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon. The film tells the story of an old-timey circus and some dude (Pattinson) who is in love with an elephant (Witherspoon). At least that's what I assume, since I didn't actually watch the trailer. I've been afraid of the circus ever since my parents sold me to one. Wait, a circus is a warehouse where you sew fake Prada handbags, right? Oh. Well just watch this trailer, anyway.


Robert Pattinson Breaks Circus Law In New ‘Water For Elephants’ Trailer

When you break a circus law, you pay the circus price. When yo break a circus law, you pay the circus price. And circus court is on a fast-moving circus train. Also: circuses. Here's another trailer for the Robert Pattinson / Reese Witherspoon romantic period drama Water For Elephants. In the trailer, we see that Pattinson's parents both die suddenly, so naturally my first reaction was, "does he become a Batman?" Sadly, no. The would-be doctor joins the circus, makes the wife of the circus boss (Witherspoon) a Team Edward die-hard and trouble ensues. Director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) helmed the adaptation of author Sara Gruen's book. Water For Elephants drives its clown car into theaters April 22nd. Will Twilight fans in theaters scream "Bella" every time Pattinson kisses Witherspoon? It's a risk I'm not interested in taking.


'The Rover' Trailer Takes Us Down Under With Robert Pattinson

It's a story of revenge in dysopian Australia. And no, it's not 'Mad Max'. Robert Pattinson, if for no other reasons than his Twilight involvement and relationship with noted twitchy sourpuss Kristen Stewart, should be a pretty hatable guy. Unfortunately, he seems kind of cool, and recently, he's been making some pretty damn good movies when he should just be coasting on more YA fare. In this trailer for The Rover, he plays half a duo (the other half being actual Aussie Guy Pearce) who set out on the men who wronged them in a very bleak and brown Australian countryside. That might be the same thing as the "outback," but I would feel really foolish if I used "outback" wrong, so we'll just say it's a non-urban Australian location to play it safe.


'Hot Pursuit' Takes Us Through Texas With Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon, And A Convertible

Just like in my fantasy. It's not hard to buy Reese Witherspoon as an uptight cop nor is it hard to pull out some casual profiling and buy Sofia Vergara as a drug dealer's widow. So now that we won't have to suspend much disbelief in for the film, we can kick back and enjoy the trailer for Hot Pursuit, a Midnight Run-type action comedy that has Reese protecting Sofia as they're hunted by bad dudes. Reese Witherspoon hasn't made such an overt reach towards comedy that wasn't romantic in nature, so it could be interesting. I always thought she would make a good Joker, but that's mostly just because of her jawline. And Vergara is comedy gold, so let's hold out hope that this doesn't just tread familiar ground from the Feig-o-Verse.


'Win Win' Trailer Beats The Love Into You

Paul Giamatti stars as a schlub again, but this time wrestling is involved. Paul Giamatti stars as a schlub again, but this time wrestling is involved. With Win Win, director Tom McCarthy (The Visitor) "explores the depths and nuances of human relationships in a film about the allegiances and bonds between unlikely characters." Sounds like the stuff any decent movie should have. If you want to pack 'em in, mention more half-nelsons in the synopsis, Apple. Giamatti plays a down on his luck attorney and high school wrestling coach who finds star athlete potential in a drug addict's abandoned son. Cue the heart warming nuances. Now cue the junkie mother returning to eff up a good thing. Damn these depths and allegiances that are so thoroughly explored! You make me want to be a better man. Or exploit a kid who doesn't know any better.


Statham, De Niro, and Owen Just Beating The Holy Hell Out Of Each Other In 'Killer Elite' Trailer

It's "Owen and Statham vs. De Niro," or "Owen and De Niro vs. Statham," or something. The trailer for Killer Elite doesn't offer much in the way of plot. All the viewer really needs to know is that, for reasons you needn't worry your pretty little head about, people are just beating the shit out of each other. Clive Owen, Robert De Niro, and Jason Statham all take turns dishing out heaping portions of pain. Initially, Owen forces Statham to rescue his friend and mentor, Robert De Niro. After that nugget of info about 15 seconds into the trailer, they stop with the plot revelations altogether. And they aren't really missed. True to the title, the aforementioned three appear to be elite killers, beating each other up while strapped to chairs, strapped in by a seat belt, or, in De Niro's case, just really, really old. Lest one think this is ridiculous, nonsensical action fare, the trailer informs that the film is based on a true story, which seems very improbable. But Hollywood doesn't lie, so I'll be heading to my local library to learn more about this menage a trois of ass-kicking. In summary, most of this trailer is set to Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane." That's really all the information you need. This article could have been a lot shorter.


'Wild Card' Trailer: Jason Statham Is Beating Up Bad Guys In Vegas This Time

When evil happens in Vegas, he slays in Vegas. We all know this plot by now. Some misguided thug beats up a woman who knows Jason Statham. He's then forced to maim and kill that thug's anonymous henchmen by a) judo chopping them in the throat, b) throwing them through glass, c) using an everyday object like a bicycle, belt, or luggage handle to beat them up, and d) all of the above simultaneously. All leading up to his headbutting to death their ringleader. There's no problem this man can't solve with a headbutt. However, something about this hackneyed, well-trodden path seems fresh, compelling, and original. Can't quite put my finger on it.


Robert Downey Jr. Spits On a Dog In New 'Due Date' Trailer

Warner Bros has dropped the new trailer for Todd Phillips's Due Date. We get a ton more footage in this one, as well as Robert Downey Jr. spitting directly in the face of an adorable French Bulldog. The outright gall! In the film, Downey Jr. plays an expectant first time father who's forced to go on a cross-country road trip with an aspiring actor (Zach Galifiankis) to get home to his wife (Michelle Monaghan) before she pops out the kid. It's basically Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with a French Bulldog, but that John Hughes classic rocks and hopefully this road trip flick will too. Check out the trailer after the jump... Due Date New Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts Make Us All Nostalgic In ‘Larry Crowne’ Trailer

Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts. It's time to party like it's 1987-1999. Did I just timewarp back to 1995, or is this a brand new romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Alas, time travel isn't real, and so it's sadly just a regular ol' brand new romcom from this very year, 2o11. Larry Crowne, about a happy go lucky (read: seemingly a little dumb?) man, played by Hanks, who's fired from his job for lacking a college degree. Who should turn out to be his junior college speech professor but the queen of big smiles and winning laughs herself, J. Robz? Also, he rides a scooter and acts excited. It looks... well it looks like exactly what I just described. Larry Crowne is directed by Hanks and will invade theaters and your hearts July 1st.


Robert Kirkman's 'Outcast' Is Going To Be Creepy

I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson. The Robert Kirkman/Azaceta comic, Outcast, will soon be a show on Cinemax that will show you terrible things. The story follows a man who works with a reverend to contain a growing number of demonic possessions. So if you're doing the math, that means Robert Kirkman + creepy kids + exorcism story + pay cable budget. That should equal "it can't be unseen." No premiere date has been announced yet so you can continue to sleep without a crucifix under your pillow.