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Car Fetishists Will Get Weirdly Excited By These ‘Cars 2′ Videos

There are all kinds of weird fetishes out there, from furries who dress up in animal costumes to eproctophiliacs who get turned on by farts. (Note to Hollywood producers: why no eprcrocto rom-com starring Jennifer Aniston, who loves to smell Jack Black‘s farts?) If you prefer tailpipe to tail, these odd turntable videos to promote Cars 2 will be auto-erotic entertainment for you.

Meant to mimic the way cars spin in car shows, I think anthropomorphizing the cars makes this YouTube outing feel a little creepy. Especially because they’re turning slowly and there’s no music. No distractions. Just you and the car. Imagine getting inside Holley Shiftwell, clutching her, driving her insane as you press firmly on her… brakes?

And not coincidentally, I’m putting the breaks on this line of thinking.

Cars 2 zooms into theaters June 24th and features the voices of Owen Wilson, Larry the Lovable Cable Guy and Michael Caine. (Collider)

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