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Can Mila Kunis Be Taken Seriously?

Mila Kunis is at least in my top 40. She got way less annoying post That-70’s show. She’s done a good job of becoming more of a real actress, and is now doing a Hughe Brothers movie with Denzel. The film is about “…a lone hero who must fight his way across the wasteland of a near-future America to protect a sacred book that might hold the key to saving the future of humanity.” Dude come on. Americans don’t read.

Kunis joins Denzel (Joblo)


Ludlum Bourne again at Universal (Variety)


Clooney gets his girl (Joblo)


Star Trek engages prom drive (HollywoodReporter)


Timothy Olyphant in Crazies remake (Comingsoon)

And some MORE news

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Astroboy stuff (Joblo)

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FunnyOrDie spoofs Variety (Variety)








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